The Best Kept Secrets To Keeping Silver Jewellery Clean


Over the years, sterling silver jewellery has significantly risen in popularity. Not only is silver more affordable than gold, but it is also far more flexible and durable. So, what is the secret to keeping your silver jewellery clean and looking like new?

The Big Secret: Silver Won’t Tarnish If It’s Constantly Worn!

Whether you have signature pieces for every occasion, or you have one or two precious silver items, there’s no doubt you want to keep your collection tarnish-free. One of the biggest complaints we hear is that silver tarnishes over time.

But, here’s the big secret: if you consistently wear your silver jewellery, it will not tarnish. The combination of your body oils touching the items keep it from tarnishing. It is our body oils that keep pieces from turning green or brown and keep your metal shiny and looking new.

It’s a strange concept, yes, but it works. However, this concept is void if you come into contact with harsh chemicals like chlorine and bleach.

What to Do If You’re Not Going to Wear Your Jewellery Consistently

If you don’t plan on wearing your collection of trendy sterling silver jewellery all too often, it is a good idea to keep it in a storage pouch. If you just leave your items lying around for months, you’ll notice how the air’s chemistry will play a role in tarnishing your silver. The right storage and cleaning methods are key to ensuring your jewellery lasts a long time.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning silver is a bit of an art. How often have you heard of someone putting their items in a liquid cleaning agent only made for gold or platinum? Those kinds of cleaners will eat away at your silver jewellery and leave it brown. If you choose to buy a jewellery cleaner, make sure you carefully read the labels. Even if the label states the cleaner is designed for silver, try to avoid it and use a DIY cleaning method.

One of the most important things to use when cleaning your silver jewellery is a microfiber polishing cloth. This specially-formulated fabric along with a homemade polishing agent are sure to keep your jewellery in pristine condition.

Taking Your Silver to a Jeweller to Clean

If you have had silver items lying in your jewellery box for some time that have become tarnished beyond the help of a microfiber cloth, you may prefer to take them to a reliable jeweller who has a silver tumbler. This is a machine that sports a high-powered magnet and hard plastic bowl. The bowl holds a cleaning compound along with tons of tiny stainless steel pins that are spun around in the bowl at a pace. The pins gently scrape the tarnish off without leaving scratches on the metal. Once the cleaning process is over, your jewellery will look brand new.

Depending on how severe the tarnish is, it may require a spin in the tumbler followed by a dip in a silver tarnish remover. A quick dowse in the cleaner eats away tarnish, leaving your jewellery sparkling.

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76 thoughts

  1. I either use toothpaste or soak the piece in baking soda and water and it cleans right up. I’ve use this for old Navajo jewelry and an antique silver and beaded purse.

  2. I doubt body oils help but even if they did only one side of the jewellery will be tarnished free..however sometimes it’s more about the sentimental value rather than a few scratches.only proof that it’s been loved actually..

  3. I have always preferred Silver to gold. I have had clients give me silver jewelry because it was badly tarnished. I told them it just needed to be cleaned but they gave the pieces to me..Must be nice to have so much money you can replace

    If you are not going to wear the silver pieces often it is best to keep them in a protected area (small jewelry box drawer, cloth pouch, or small plastic bag). This prevents the air from tarnishing.

    Once tarnished, I have had great success cleaning silver simply soaking in Dawn dish washing liquid. If really dirty..put in a jar and swish around. Works every time for me.

  4. My mom is huge on gemology. If you don’t have a silver safe keeper box, put it in a plastic baggie and squeeze the air out (which causes tarnishing). Also, plain dish soap is a good cleaner for most jewelry!

  5. Here’s a secret (well, it’s really just chemistry…): The tarnish that can build on silver, and copper and iron, is due to reaction of the metal in question with the free oxygen in the air. So, it makes sense that wearing silver jewelry a lot would help hinder the tarnishing process as the thin layer of oil would prevent oxygen from contacting the silver. That’s where your DIY method (that you linked to) is so effective – all you need is a glass pan of hot water, a sheet of aluminum foil along the bottom (shiny-side up), and some salt and baking soda, and then you simply need to lay your silver down on the foil (touching each other); the tarnish (silver-oxide) should transfer to the foil on its own, leaving the pure silver alone.
    Cool post, by the way! Thanks, too, for the follow! Cheers!

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