Proposing On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you are thinking of a way to make it special and you are ready to move your relationship to another level, you could always ask your sweetheart to marry you! Wedding blogs have some excellent ideas to pop the question and make this Valentine’s Day one that you will remember for a long time to come. Here are some ideas on how to ask the question to your beloved which will have her saying yes to your proposal.


  • A Trip AwayA short trip for two is an excellent way to set the scene for your big question, and you do not have to travel far for a romantic getaway for two. If you think that they might be suspicious and work out your plan, you can throw them off the scent by proposing earlier than Valentine’s Day, when you first arrive at your destination. You can have flowers, chocolates and champagne ready in your room for your arrival with some help from your hotel, and it will mean you get to enjoy the trip from the start without worrying about your plans.


  • A Mystery AppointmentAnother good idea is to book an appointment with a jeweller who makes bespoke engagement rings Sydney women have long been wearing, and not tell your partner. All you need to let them know is that you have an appointment which they must attend and let them guess what it is. As soon as they see where you are heading for, they may just guess the purpose of your visit. The beauty of a bespoke ring is that your future wife will be able to have a ring created that she has dreamed of since she was young. The perfect way to make your other half feel like a princess!


  • Pretend You ForgotYou can also try pretending that you completely forgot about Valentine’s Day as you have been too busy with other things. However, secretly plan an intimate meal for two with a bottle of wine or champagne where you follow the traditional route of getting down on one knee. The variety of emotions that your future wife will have gone through may leave her speechless when you ask them the question.


  • A Total SurpriseAnother way to surprise your loved one is to place the engagement ring in somewhere completely unexpected. It is important to make sure that you put it somewhere that it is not going to get lost accidently, and you can even make a game of it by providing a string of clues to guide them to the ring. Do not make it too hard so that it is relatively easy to locate, but make sure that you have a camera ready to capture their reaction when they find the ring!You know your other half better than anyone else, so make sure that you choose a method of proposing that will have them surprised, but also ecstatic about the idea. Making your proposal unique is an excellent way to make sure that you start off with special memories in the next part of your life together.

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  1. Or you can just hand over the box to her in the middle of moving to another apartment. !!! Your ideas are WAY better. It should be a special day to remember. She still said “yes” to me and yes, we are still married. Yikes.

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  3. I don’t understand days as Valentine’s day excerpt to malls & business companies. It’s a day special in order to love or human beings are stupids… The best present is companion day to day each other and no price and could be everlasting moments.

  4. I’m thrilled! Excellent ideas. Wish there is someone I can try one or two of the stunts. Great post. Just have to share on my blog!!

  5. I proposed to my wife on V. Day and were married later. I did it on 2/14 so when I get old, I wont have to worry about forgetting the date. LOL -Bruce

  6. I proposed to my wife on a Sunday while we were laying on a bed. I was thinking. Right now is as good as any other time. I had the ring for about a week.

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  8. I’m a guy.. and an old guy, at that. So I tend to think of Valentines Day as more a Hallmark Cards moment (since they created the day). BUT… it’s a breath of fresh air, like yourself, that makes the day more than just about cards and flowers in exchange for sex. We live in a rapidly changing world and it’s so damn easy to loose sight of the things about being human. Love is one of those things. I appreciate your outlook.

    “I want to be rich. Rich in love, rich in health, rich in laughter, rich in adventure and rich in knowledge.” Sounds like you are on your way! 🙂
    (PS.. thanks for the follow!)

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