Gorgeous, handmade jewelry & a tiny bit about Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t like gorgeous, handmade jewelry? 🙂

Especially if you can have 15% discount using my code: simple_ula at Ettika.com 👌:)

I’ve been having this weakness for jewelry, especially the earrings since I got my ears pierced. There hasn’t been one day in my life without me wearing some earrings :).

Chokers – I remember them from the ’90s. I really like them, because they always look good on people who have longer necks.

Also, I like dress simple, but get a little “freaky” with jewelry. The details are pretty important to me ☺.

Ettika has some some really gorgeous, handmade, bohemian jewelery which I like so much. In my opinion, their jewelry can go not only with boho style, but many others as well. Who doesn’t mix styles nowadays? 🙂

Those turquoise and gold earrings, which are now on sale, are so pretty and delicate.

I wore them for our lovely date with my boyfriend ❤☺.

I styled them with this pretty love, fire top, Ivanka Trump  black pants and Kelly&Katie red high heels.

This edgy, silver and gold choker I styled with white pearl earrings, boohoo midi, navy dress and aldo black high heels.

What I really like about this choker is that it really stands out.

Also, it works great with a black dress, but also with a T-shirt, so what’s not to love?! 🙂

Wearing just a simple midi dress and adding such jewelry gives the whole look this “something”, which also makes other girls asking you “where did you buy this?!” :).

Also, what is worth noticing is how you receive your purchase from Ettika. It’s in a plastic bag, but with a simple and pretty “Ettika Los Angeles, California” bag for each of the items. How cute is that?! 🙂 Plus this great 15% discount, but you need to remember to put the code: simple_ula in order to get it. Happy shopping! 🙂

A couple of words about Valentine’s Day:

First of all, for those who celebrate: Happy Valentine’s Day, for those who don’t: Happy (coming) Tuesday :).

My boyfriend and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, because we say that every day is special with someone special ☺.

Yesterday, for example, I got these beautiful flowers from my love ❤ and the story behind: “I’ve found them in front of the door outside, probably from some secret admirer, must really love you” ☺😍.

I’ve also received some nice Valentine’s Day tips which I want to share with you, but just remember that you can use them not only on Valentine’s Day :).




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90 thoughts on “Gorgeous, handmade jewelry & a tiny bit about Valentine’s Day

  1. Lovely clothes and jewelry. Glad to see you’re wearing something by Ivanka Trump. I can’t believe the pettiness and mean-spiritedness of the department stores who have dropped her line.They can give all the lame excuses they want but I think the truth is they are just being spiteful. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  2. Hi! Just a quick note- I have hit 100 followers today, and you are one of them, so I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for following and supporting me. It really means a lot, as the book is still coming along, and I am still trying to increase my web presence. Thank you again, and I really hope to hear more of you in the future! 🙂

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  3. Hello! To start off, you’re a very beautiful model when it comes to showing off your jewelry and clothes. I may use a few of your jewelry ideas in future characters. I also wanted to thank you for following my blog. I only have nine followers at the moment (most of which being friends and family) and I thank you for supporting my hobby! May I ask how you found it?

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