How to Force Weight Loss, Guaranteed Fit Body!

A guest post by Coach Hami – owner and founder of Ask Hami

There are many ways to get fit,  the best way is simply to diet with knowledge. It’s so powerful to have this and it can be learned fast if you go at it. There are hundreds types of diets out there,  many of them do work yet few who diet make it all the way to their desired physique and many who achieve it goes back to old habits.


Dietary knowledge:

With knowledge on many diets you can choose what diet method suits you and even combine several or switch between them when needed. For example, say you have a planned dinner and you know it will be a high caloric one then intermittent fasting is great on this particular day. Need to eat out often due to job or travel,  then hit IIFYM (if it fits your macros).

Knowledge on supplementation can do a lot for you. Supplements like caffeine, creatine,  vitamins and minerals all just give a small effect but combined together they do make quite a difference to your workouts.

Physical knowledge:

Knowledge on how to exercise,  what burns most calories and how to increase strength and endurance is key in a successful diet. There is such a huge difference between one going to the gym hitting random machines and another going there with a lifting program and focusing on progression. Understanding how to progressively getting stronger and how to avoid and overcome plateaus in fitness is valuable.

Psychological knowledge:

If you have knowledge or know many hacks (tricks) about hunger control it simplifies dieting a lot. The same goes with knowledge about how to count calories,  which is crucial so you don’t overeat nor undereat.

Having knowledge on developing good habits, manage willpower and become more disciplined will also be beneficial for you.

Where to find it?

To summarize it you should focus on knowledge,  with that knowledge it’s not a question of how, rather a question of when you’ll hit your desired physique. At my blog I focus on sharing relevant and scientific knowledge simplified. My content takes just a few days to read through and will give you the foundation to start transforming yourself on all kinds of levels. Whether you aim to achieve an aestethic physique, become more productive or seek motivation you’ll find it at askhami.

I also share my progress as I get stronger, bigger and leaner, while sharing my knowledge, secrets and struggles in everyday life.

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49 thoughts on “How to Force Weight Loss, Guaranteed Fit Body!

  1. Coyote from Orion

    Exercise a must with eating. Don’t under eat or self starve. We compensate unhealthily for unhealthy practices.
    Meditate. Don’t touch alcohol (or other drugs)… it is an age accelerant and stress enhancer.

  2. Coyote from Orion

    Do this and you find out what toxic relationships you have and the behaviour patterns that maintain them. You will learn where you really stand with people and what they really want. We then start seeing where we go halfway or beyond for whom…. I once heard that weight retention can be a form of resentment which means to re feel an emotion over and over. Let go and flow.

  3. Hey simple ula! I want to thank you for following my blog! I haven’t posted anything new in awhile, but your kindness has inspired me to put up new updates! Thanks!

    1. Yeah I completely agree here. For some of my clients it can overwhelming to instantly go for a healthy lifestyle. My advice is tht you start small and don’t rush a lifestyle transformation.

  4. I love how you talk about goals and focus. It’s true, when you know specifics, success is more likely to occur than to show up do random acts. Though bravo for those too!

    1. Erika, I love the way you looked at it, that can be implemented everywhere, seek knowledge before performig any action 😊 thanks the feedback by the way!

  5. There is another way to live. Non-diet. Health at every size. Intuitive eating. Embrace the body that is just trying to keep you alive. Get out of the prison that is perpetual dieting and restriction and worry and compulsive exercising. I know because that was my life for 36 years. I am now free and embracing whatever my body wants to be. It is so much kinder. I have written about my experience at: Have a read and give a comment. I am truly the happiest I have ever been.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I will check out your blog! However, I disagree with your statement to count calories. I feel it only causes more stress and unless you are trying to be 6-8% body fat it really isn’t necessary. Just my opinion.

  7. The ruling belief is that high protetin, low carbs is the best. While I think this is true, I’ve found certain fatty foods work differently. I’ve found eating peanuts versus almonds makes a big difference, for example, almonds being more fat producing than the peanuts. I think this might relate to Ayurveda a bit, which I study.

  8. Great post! I enjoyed seeing how you incorporated the different avenues that contribute to living a healthy lifestyle. I tend to focus most of my efforts on the exercise portion as a soon to be Doctor of Physical Therapy.

    Have a nice day!

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