6 Popular Settings For Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for the best diamond engagement ring for your budget, you’re going to need a good understanding of the most popular settings and the type of diamond you want to buy. Here is a guide to the most sought after diamond engagement ring settings.


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1. Solitaire and Prong Settings

The prong setting is the most popular and classic setting for a diamond engagement ring. The prong is the small metal claw that holds the diamond in place and they can be pointed, flat, round, or V-shape. Typically, prong settings have either six or four prongs and there is a minimum presence of metal and more diamond and light to see. The solitaire setting is the most popular of the prong settings, featuring a single diamond and drawing all your attention to the diamond.

2. Bezel Setting

A bezel setting is also a popular choice among brides-to-be. It looks modern, and it suits ladies who have an active lifestyle. The diamond is not held in place with prongs, but rather the setting encircles the diamond with a thin metal rim that is custom-made to hold the stone in place. This setting can be partial or full. The full setting surrounds the diamond completely whereas the partial setting leaves the sides open.

3. The Tension Setting

This setting is so called because of its metal band’s tension that secures the diamond in place. The diamond, therefore, looks as though it is suspended between either sides of the shank. It’s a highly secure setting as it employs either a bezel or prong setting on the side or below the diamond to anchor the stone firmly in place.

4. Pave Setting

With this setting, small diamonds are closely set together with very little visibility of the tiny metal beads that hold the stones in place. The effect is a continuous sparkle of the diamonds.

5. The Halo Setting

The halo setting is when the diamonds are placed in a concentric circle or even a square all the way around the centre stone. This setting makes the main diamond look larger which is a great option if your budget only allows for a smaller stone. It also increases the ring’s overall sparkle and brilliance. A halo setting is a great way to save money while not sacrificing on the appearance of the engagement ring. Typically, halo settings are paired with pave bands, but they can also stand on their own in a simple band. Take a look at the range of Sydney engagement rings handcrafted by our master jeweller for the perfect halo setting.

6. The Cathedral Setting

This is by far one of the most classic and elegant engagement ring settings. It looks similar to the arches of a cathedral and the ring setting makes use of the arches of the metal to hold the diamond in place. The cathedral is either set with tension, bezel, or prongs and the defining characteristic is about how the diamond is mounted with the arches above the shank.

No matter which engagement ring setting you choose, keep in mind that raising the diamond high above the finger can increase the chances or snagging and damage.

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