Summer Survival Guide

As the days start to get warmer and longer most of us can’t help but look forward to summer. Obviously, spring has just arrived but the budding flowers and the sliver of sun are a precursor for summers days. There’s no such thing as being too prepared either, right? This is the ultimate summer survival guide getting your ready for the sun in style. From the clothes you might need to buy, to the skincare you’ll need to use….



Summer can be a particularly difficult season to dress for. If you’re used to huddling up in layers for most of the year it can be a challenge. Some of us see a hint of sun and grab our flip flops and vest tops. Others of us find ourselves sweating it out in our heavy layered clothing. The key to dressing for summer is to consider transitional pieces. Clothes which will take you from spring to summer seamlessly.

Sheer shirts and lightweight blazers are great summer staples. Perfect for wearing together during spring, or a blazer is great with a vest in summer, or the sheer shirt can be worn alone. The good thing about these pieces is that they aren’t as summer specific as some clothes. Meaning you’ll get more wear out of them. Choose colors which reflect the time of year. Stay away from blacks and dark grays and embrace color instead.


Spring is probably the season where most of us start to ramp up our fitness regimes in preparation for summer. Summer is the season of bikinis, shorts, and vests. We’re showing more skin than usual and that can send some people into a panic. The most important thing to do is to exercise sensibly. There isn’t any point in going on a crash diet before summer. Not only will the results not last but you’ll be fatigued all the time.

If you’ve let fitness fall by the wayside, that’s okay. Try not to set summer as your goal. If you start now you will see results by then but it’s not enough time to get your dream body. Start by doing some cardio like running or walking. These are great all-over body workouts. There are plenty of at home workouts you can do too. Lunges, planks, and mountain climbers are all great. If you’re desperate for quick results look into Coolsculpting treatments. Treatments like this can zap fat in specific areas and break it down quicker than exercise. Just avoid any crazy yo-yo dieting around the summer months, it can be tempting but it’s never worth it.



Skincare is important all year round but summer brings with it particular challenges for our skin. The sun itself is the main culprit. It’s powerful UV rays are bad news for our skin. Over time overexposure to the sun can lead to some serious side effects. Sunspots, the brown discolored patches of skin, are just one of the side effects. The sun’s rays can also speed up the aging process leaving us with fine lines and saggy skin. Worst of all over-exposure can cause cancer. Stay protected in the sun this summer and use sunscreen. There are hypoallergenic formulas for those with sensitive skin, and lightweight formulas for those prone to acne. You could also use a moisturizer or foundation with SPF in it to compliment your sunscreen.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I’ve been having sunspots and dry skin lately, maybe because I just went to the beach. Do you have any tips on what products to use? Thanks!

  2. Lovely post♥ Summer is a brutal time for Arizona (my home). This is why skincare and clothing is soo important for us because it is so hot out here! But… even though it is brutally hot out here I do love our summer’s because it is mostly dry heat!

  3. Your recommendation comes as ring finger because it is summer time and the skin needs such care. You say it so clearly and well expressed, that your advice is very useful. With the skin is not play. Excellent your article.

  4. Being currently employed as a groundskeeper, I can 100% agree with this post! Dark clothes are brutal in the sun. Even if it’s a little cool for a summer day, you’ll feel the effects in a short period of time. My fitness was always better when I exercised/dieted the same year round. One month at the gym won’t correct six months of neglect. AND, I have sunspots. They suck, yes, but it could be worse without my SPF 50+ while on the job. I’m 41, so I don’t have to worry about looking handsome anymore!

  5. I was so diligent about moisturizing my skin all winter and now that summer is around the corner, I’m slacking on that front… My skin was way better in the winter! Go figure!

  6. Yesss I can’t wait for summer! I love style, but I have to say fitness is my favourite when it comes to summer. I love a good workout in the bright sunlight, and it makes me feel fab when rocking my summer wardrobe 😀

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