Are These Boots Made For Walking?

Sometimes it’s nice to get away from your desk and stretch your legs. The occasional spontaneous walk will greatly benefit your body, mind, and mental health. But are you wearing the right shoes for walking?

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Whether you’re fashion conscious or not, you will have noticed that women have shoes for nearly everything; walking, exercising, working, and partying. As much as some people might like to claim otherwise, a single pair of shoes is not suited for every occasion. Also, your favorite pair will get worn out more quickly if you try to wear them everywhere. Here are the ideal shoes to carry you through all your walks of life.

For running

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The ideal running shoes should have adequate cushioning and arch support to reduce the risk of injury. However, women have additional requirements that men don’t need to consider with their own running shoes. For example, women have larger hips than men, which puts added stress on their legs and increases the risk of runner’s knee. When buying your running shoes, make sure your whole foot feels comfortable; there shouldn’t be any areas that are too loose or too tight.

For work

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The decision to wear heels at work should be personal, and it should make sense for the kind of work you do. If you work from a desk for the best part of the day, then heels shouldn’t be a problem if that’s your pleasure, but it’s another story if you’re going to be standing and walking for a majority of the work day. As with your running shoes, you need footwear that gives your arches enough support, and have enough grip to walk up and down the workplace all day. With the right shoes, you can prevent lower back problems later in life. No matter what you wear to work, be sure to reward your feet with some comfortable slippers when you get home. Indulge in the soft comfort of Uggs with an ugg australia discount code.

For evenings

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If you’re going out for a formal evening, it feels like you need to do a lot of advance planning for your outfit alone. But once you have the dress sorted, you need to spend an equal amount of time sorting out accessories and shoes.

Evening shoes seem like yet another accessory because they have to coordinate with the dress, your handbag, and your jewelry. But you also have to consider what these formal heels will have to endure throughout the night. Will there be dancing? If you have trouble parking, how far will you have to walk to the venue? Can you get away with just talking at your table, or willing you have get up and mingle?

A good rule of thumb is: if you’re not comfortable in your shoes when you’re trying them on, you won’t be comfortable in them after a couple of hours. If you’re not sold on kicking off your heels to go dancing, then don’t wear heels.

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  1. Helpful advice! I have insoles in every pair of footwear that I have (minus flip flops) and some are thicker than others depending on how the shoe is made. I know sometimes it is hard not to fall victim to just having awesome shoes without any thought to long term wear results.

  2. I like to wear schoes with no heels, also at work. Heels are painful. At home and at summer i like to walk with no shoes. Shoes and boots for sports are ok they also have no heels. I do not like pain and sweat at my feet.

  3. I can so easily relate to this post. I worked at an office where I’d to meet people throughout the day and walk a lot around departments. I used to be on constant hunt for the most comfortable ballerinas or flats for work.
    Traveling to work was sometimes by driving for which I kept a pair of my most comfortable flip flops to beat the heat.
    I also used to carry my walking shoes post work to go back home while I used to take the metro as it means. Lot of staircases and lots of walking.
    Loved your post. Cheers ✊🏻

  4. Are you shure that to wear high heels on work is the best Idea?
    Here normaly the streets are not in the condition to wear high heels without having the posibility for an accident. There are more holes on the streets than streets.

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  6. Thanks for following my blog and I am going to follow yours as well … I am a Canadian girl (ahem, woman) living here in the U.S. – still a Canadian citizen, even though I’ve been here for 51 years this coming July. 🙂

  7. This was a super helpful post!! I was recently on the hunt for a new pair o running shoes, as well as some awesome pumps for date night!! I’m glad I gave your blog a follow!!

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