Bring That Spa Vibe To Your Bathroom With These 3 Steps

Hands up who feels as though they need a spa day? That’ll be most of us, then. Going to the spa is something that most of us often have the urge to do, but there are always certain things stopping us; work responsibilities, children, or just the general feeling that we should be doing something else with our time. Of course, you may well still deserve to spend an afternoon at the spa despite this, but if you do feel like you don’t have the time, why not simply bring the spa to you instead? Sure, you may only have an hour or so after the kids are in bed to devote to any pampering. But if you can create a zen, spa-like experience in your bathroom, you can get that luxurious experience without having to travel, or pay a penny for some expensive treatment. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few different ways you can transform your humble home bathroom into the relaxing haven you always dreamt of.

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Keep it clean

If you went into a spa and saw clutter and dirt everywhere, you’d probably walk straight out again and ask for your money back. Of course, no one can expect you to keep you own bathroom maintained to spa-worthy standards 24/7, especially if it is the family bathroom and therefore your kids use it too. But you will have a seriously hard time relaxing if there is clutter all around you, and you’re not entirely convinced that your bath was particularly clean BEFORE you got in it. Learn how to quickly blast your bathroom clean in a matter of minutes – providing you’re using the right materials, you should be able to get it looking sparkling in no time at all.

Install those little extras

Good spas are all about comfort, so spare no expense bringing the same feel to your home. Little touches, such as electric heated towel rails can often make all the difference – after all, is there any better feeling than getting out of the tub and wrapping yourself in a warm, toasty towel? If showers are more your thing than baths, consider upgrading your old leaky shower head to something a little more modern. Waterfall showers are especially luxurious and are more cost effective than you might think – providing you can get out of it, of course!

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Set the mood

Got a horrible flickering bathroom light that burns your eyes whenever you look at it? Of course, it does pay off to have a well-lit bathroom, but sometimes traditional lighting can be that little bit too harsh. See if there is any way you can install spotlights that come with a dimmer switch. That way, you will be able to control the ambience of the room much easier – perfect if you are having a late night bath to try and help you drift off. If this isn’t an option for you, just add some scented candles around your bath tub instead.

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  1. *Raises hand* Oo, me, I need a spa day! Lol I usually do self-spas, though, so these tips are nice. (Never actually had a “real spa” experience yet.)

  2. Spa could be a paradise in our house more than plans from different resorts, a thing is sure, you got extra money and a little time could be a nice option, unfortunately I’m a man of a quick shower and my tube won’t love hahaha.

  3. I feel its the bathroom thats speaks for the whole house……I am particular about it……thanks for this wonderful post dear…love from India

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