3 Tips To Revamp Your Style And Begin Standing Out This Summer

Alas, summer is here, and new beauty spreads throughout the world. Buds sprout gorgeous bright flowers of all different colors and designs. This season is an opportunity for you to overhaul your wardrobe completely. Last year’s style is well, last year’s style. You should take a lesson from the fresh beauty all around you as you walk through the park; nobody wants to be stale. In order to turn heads. The key is to look original and daring. It would be counter intuitive to stay so close to the center and expect to be seen as a dauntless style-setter.

Image source – Gaoukwongenangmihau

Handbags and hair

Your hair is the first thing onlookers will see and so, it should encapsulate your personality completely. However, you could collaborate it with your handbag for a one-two punch of flair. If you’re deadset on bouncy curls, your handbag should be loud. A bright color such as a baby blue, peach orange or a lime green goes well with this hairstyle. If you like to cut your hair short, where it doesn’t hang below shoulder height, a thick dark color will marry into a badass chick image. A dull navy blue or a black silk handbag, preferably with a short strap, so it hangs just underarm, expresses aggression a forthright manner.

Image by – Adina Voicu

Dress and ring

Something bright, dainty but not too soft would go well with a shimmering ring. The summer sun’s gaze is powerful, and if you’re walking down the street in what looks to be a gray or black skirt or dress, you just won’t illuminate the high street as much. A deep purple, floral embroidered mesh, skater dress would dazzle the shop windows. As you walk by, don’t expect to catch the reflection of people admiring your style as they pass you. Bless them, with a twinkle in their eye by showcasing a certain spark from a diamond engagement rings range. The gleam and flicker of the summer glare radiating from your ring would be as if you had captured the sun itself.

Image by – Quinn Dombrowski

Sandals vs shoes

The Ancient Romans left us a lot of things to learn from, a senate house in politics, the celebration of food and wine, and also, just how practical and cool Roman sandals are. The funky design of leather strappings and rubber sole, to cushion and support the heel and foot are wholly practical in nature. But, the sandal exposes the toes and roof of the foot; ideal for showing off pedicured and painted toenails. However, sandals go well with jean shorts, and khaki trail pants but for dresses, a heel is the only way to go. As advised before, your dress should reflect the nature around you during summer time, so to contrast this you should employ a black heel. It shouldn’t be too tall as that kind of style is more for autumn than summer; there should be a spring in your step during this season. An open or closed toe is quite frankly a choice you should make, but you should definitely wear a design that is softer and less formal. A pattern in gold in the shape of a leaf or flower stretching its petals would look dainty and cute.

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  1. Wonderful article. Updating one’s wardrobe is a great boost for the self-esteem. Thanks to the Online shopping and/or low cost inexpensive local shops and boutiques most Ladies can get fashionable clothing for a decent price.
    Early part of spring on a warm day here in Brooklyn, NY I had great fun modeling bold patterns and colors. I enjoy mixing more than matching. I think that when I was younger I was way too matchy matchy but that was the thing in the 80s/90s.
    Classy with a hint of Sassy!!

  2. I find my biggest problem to be that I cannot where heels any more due to a knee injury. I t is difficult to find something nice to where with a dress when I must where flat sturdy shoes. I did like what you said but wonder you have any suggestions for my peculiar set of circumstances. Blessings!

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