Look Good, Feel Better! Be Flawless on Your Summer Vacation

Getting away from it all for a week or two in the summer is always something to look forward to. When it’s a slow day at work, or you’re feeling fed up, all you need to do is think about your upcoming trip for an instant mood boost. And of course, when you’re away you want to look your best. That way you’ll look fantastic in your vacation snaps and won’t be held back by any insecurities. Here’s how you can make sure you look your best in time for your trip!

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Get Your Body Looking Beautiful

Skimpy summer outfits and swimwear leave little to the imagination, so it’s difficult to hide if you’re feeling insecure. For this reason, it’s worth working on your summer bod as early on as you can. You’ll improve your muscle tone and fitness levels which is handy if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. Plus you’ll generally look better in anything you wear. Clean up your diet and nourish your body with good foods, and get plenty of exercise in the months running up to your vacation. If you suffer from stubborn areas of fat (even though you’re not overweight), liposuction could be one way to achieve the figure you’ve always wanted. You could go with the traditional method or try something like laser or cool sculpting which are noninvasive and break up the fat for similar results.

Flash a Gleaming White Smile

If you have a few weeks or months to go before you go away, whitening trays from the dentist are very effective and generally work within six to eight weeks. If it’s a last minute thing, laser teeth whitening can be performed in as little as an hour and can drastically lighten the shade of your teeth. Who wouldn’t want a gleaming set of pearly whites to contrast against their tan?!

Improve The Condition of Your Hair

Our hair goes through a lot in the summer. When you’re away, sunshine topped off with air conditioning, saltwater and chlorine can leave it in a very bad way. Making sure it’s in tip top condition before you leave is a good idea, use deeply hydrating hair masks and oils to nourish it and get it looking its best. Continue these treatments while you’re away, and a spray heat protectant product through it each morning before you set out of the door.

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Say Bye Bye To Stubble

The constant cycle of shaving and stubble is bad enough normally, but it’s not something you want to be dealing with while you’re away. If you go for a longer lasting method like waxing you should be smooth and hair free for at least two weeks meaning there’s one less thing to worry about. Either book in at a salon or buy some high-quality waxing products to use at home. It’s painful but worth it!

Keep Your Nails Looking Pretty

Regular nail polish only lasts for a few days at best without chipping. If you want to keep your talons looking pretty while you’re away, you’re best visiting a nail technician. Acrylics last for around a month and shellac polish around two weeks, so they’re much longer lasting choices.

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