Sophisticated Skin Care

Every woman should make the effort to look after their skin. After all, it is the biggest organ of the body, and it’s one of the things that people notice first about us. But good skin care needs a grown up, sophisticated skin care regimen, and you can find out how to get one by reading on.

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The first sophisticated skincare task to do is making sure that your skin is clean. Simple right? Well maybe not, as some cleansers, washes, and soaps are going to do your skin more harm than good.

This because they contain astringent ingredients and are at the wrong ph level. Which means your skin get stripped of all its natural oils which keep it moisturized during the day.

That is why it’s best to do your homework on cleaning products and soap, to ensure that the one you are using is kind to you skin and not harming it.


Something else that is vital for great skin is that you take measure to protect it. This is especially important in term of UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Which are known to cause melanoma and premature aging.

Many women choose to do this by using a foundation that has UV protection in it. If you go down this route be sure to check the level of the coverage, and that it is correct for your skin type and the climate that you are in.

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Also don’t forget to cover the other parts around your face and neck, that you don’t use foundation on, with a normal sun cream. As they need protection too.


It’s also pretty important that when we get wounds or cuts on our skin, we heal them as soon as possible.

This is important not only for your looks but also our health. Especially if we have other issues like diabetes than can affect the healing capacity of our bodies.

Obviously, for major wounds, then a trip the emergency room is needed for treatment. But for smaller one we can use other remedies to help us help.

If this is the case, then use a product specially designed to speed up the recovery process like diabetic wound cream. So your skin will get back to normal, and you will be as healthy as possible, as quickly as possible.


A vital element of a good skincare routine is exfoliation. But a sophisticated routine will include this only around once a week. Yes, that’s right you really don’t need to exfoliate every day.

In fact, it could even be harming your skin as you are not giving it enough of a chance to regrow.

That means ditching the exfoliating washes and scrubs and using something more gentle and nourishing for the majority of the week. Only exfoliating when needed, to slough off the old dead skin and give you that healthy glow.


Lastly, whether you have exfoliated or not, ensure that your nourish your skin. Nourishing your skin is vital for it to retain its elasticity. As well for it to look healthy and bright.

You can do this by using oils and creams. But do look for one that suits your skin type the best. Or you can seriously disrupt the oil levels and cause more problems.

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  1. This is great advice! I had someone ask me once what I did for skincare on my face. I said I washed it with water and a little soap every once in a while and that is it. They said “you wouldn’t do that with the rest of your body, would you?”.. I said no of course not, I shower daily and use body wash, moisturizers, etc. and they said well why wouldn’t you do that for your face then??

    This stuck with me a lot. I hadn’t been cleansing my face with soap regularly because what I had dried my skin out or left it oily. I realized that a skincare routine is very important but you can’t do just any routine, you need to do it with the products that work best for your skin!

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