Head To Toe Beauty: What You Need To Know

With summer on its way, we all start to think about the way we look and feel. Whether you find yourself looking in the mirror, unhappy with your reflection, or scrutinizing the size and shape of your pores, it’s definitely something we all do, no matter how much we know we shouldn’t. But, just because we pick at our flaws now, it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the best of summer beauty at the same time. If you want to get your beauty routine down for summer, here’s how to cover off area from head to toe.

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First up, our eyes are one of the first things that anyone sees when they look at us. Even if you have a complex about your nose or your body shape, it’s almost always the eyes that they see first. So, we want to work with that. To get your eyes summer ready, you’re going to want to try one of three things. First up, brightening drops can increase the natural sparkle your eyes have. Then, tinting your lashes can make them more defined. And finally, eyelash extensions can give you the fluttery lashes you’ve always wanted.


Our teeth are often the second thing that people see. Whether you smile when you first meet someone or greet them as they pass you on the street, or get into a conversation and show your teeth as you talk, you can often feel more confident when your teeth are in good shape. So, you might want to work on whitening them for summer. Instead of paying for an expensive treatment, you’ll find that charcoal toothpaste creates a long-lasting whitening effect at the same level.


When you have bad skin, it can make you feel super self-conscious. Not only can you often get paranoid and think people are staring at your skin, but it can often make you stop going out at all. Ahead of summer, work on combating your skincare problems. Whether you consult an acne specialist or work with a deep-cleansing skin care routine, you need to be able to combine things like aloe vera, turmeric, and hyaluronic acid into your regimen to make a difference.


When it comes to your legs, you might think that keeping them hair-free is enough. In some cases, it might be. Once you’ve figured out what form of hair removal works best for you, you might feel like a brand new woman. But, if you still don’t feel right, you might want to consider an invigorating exfoliating routine, followed by an intense moisturizer for silky smooth skin.


And then we have the feet. Not everyone likes their own feet. This can mean that they often neglect them. If you aren’t a fan of giving yourself a pedicure, head to the salon. Not only will their efforts be a lot more impressive than your own, but you can also opt to have a medicated pedicure that focuses specifically on curing any problems you have, like tough, hard skin or fragile nails.

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  1. Legs. Gosh, I wish mine looked a little better. I don’t tan, and they always look so pale. Can you’ve recommend a good self-tanner?

  2. I’m a big advocate of Comfrey and Plantain (plantago spot. Not the banana like fruit)
    Once I had a bad chemical burn on my foot from an accident with lye and the plantain healed it up without any scarring within 2 weeks.

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