Common Myths About Moisturizers

There are a lot of myths about using moisturizers that could be causing you issues, stopping you from looking your best, and dealing with your problem skin. Where these myths have come from, nobody knows, but the reality s a lot different to what you might hear from a wide variety of sources. Your face and body can also be exposed too much to some harsh elements such as sun, heat, cold or smoke, so skin care products that fit your skin best is a great option for protection. Here are some of the most common myths surrounding moisturizer use that you need to know to make a real difference to your daily skincare routine.

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Moisturizing is bad for oily skin

This particular myth stems from the fact that people who have oily skin think that moisturizer will only make things worth. But the reality is this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are certain moisturizers you should avoid, of course – those that contain oils – but whether you have oily or combination skin, the right moisturizer can really make a difference. Ultimately, you need to hydrate your skin to improve its appearance, and that’s all a moisturizer should do.

One size fits all

A lot of moisturizers on the market claim to be the solution for all your dry skin problems. But the reality is somewhat different, according to the many Gold Bond neck and chest cream reviews you will read online. Ultimately, there is a huge difference between the moisturizers you should use on your face and those you need for other areas of your body. So, make sure you find out which moisturizers are best for the different parts of your body, and you should start making a big difference in the quality of result for your skin.

One face fits all

Another common myth is that you can use a single cream to moisturize your entire face. But the skin on your face is different, too – under your eyes, for example, is a lot more delicate than on your forehead or cheeks. So, instead of getting an all-in-one facial cream, try out some eye moisturizers instead, as it will have a better impact and help you glow and sparkle.

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Dry before you apply

If you wait until your skin is dry after having a bath or shower, then the moisturizer you use will actually have less of an impact. And let’s face it – most of us do this all the time. But, if you apply your moisturizer within a couple of minutes, while your skin is still damp, it will penetrate deeper because the pores in your skin start to close up.

Avoid when you get spots

We all suffer from the occasional breakout of spots every now and again, whether it is hormone or stress related. And the traditional advice is that you should never moisturize, as it can lead to further inflammation. But again, this is just a big old myth that needs debunking. Your skin needs hydrating regardless of whether or not you have spots, and letting it dry out can exacerbate the problem even further.

And there you have it – five common moisturizing myths completely debunked. Why not share your experiences in the comments section below? 🙂

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40 thoughts

  1. When I was younger my skin could have solved an oil crisis. I had a serious T-Zone Oily skin issue. Serious overproduction of oil. However now that I’m older my skin is drier. Since women go through so many hormonal changes, i.e. puberty, periods, pregnancy and finally menopause Ladies need to adjust their skin care routine as needed. Plus fair skinned people need moisturizers with SPF.
    Now that I’ve gone through menopause I no longer use soap or face cleansers. I will apply some Vitamin E, Coconut or Jojoba Oil to my face and then rinse it off. After my bath or shower I make liberal use of essential oils and Shea Butter especially in the winter when the cold, icy, freezing temps dry my skin out. The alligator look is not a good one! LOL! Happy now for spring and soon summer. My hair, skin and nails thrive in the warmer months.
    Thanks for another excellent article.

  2. Okay, I’m one of those who believe moisturizers are not for oily skin. I mean.. I sweat a lot. Mabe now, I’ll keep an open mind.

  3. Great post!
    Moisturizer has always been hard for me because I have combo skin and roseacea. The top half of my face is oily and the bottom gets dry.
    I’m always leery to try a new product lest it cause a rosacea flare up.
    I use aveeno, unscented, and coconut oil on my drier lower face.
    Also spot on — moisturizer always felt weird to me on dry skin. It just sits there. I always moisturize after I get out of the shower and my skin is damp.

  4. Excellent read, informative! Thanks for sharing. ‘One size fits all’ though I did had an idea that this is not true about all moisturizers but never cared much. I’ll definitely do some research now.

  5. Very helpful! I suffer from dry skin but never knew I may need to try multiple types of moisturizer for various areas of my face. Thanks!😄

      1. What I meant by being brave is that apple cider vinegar smells and might burn a little, but I’m very ok with it ☺. Try mixing with more water than ACV (I mix it half-half).

  6. I’ve had to change my moisturiser routine every 7/8 years. I think it’s due to changes in hormones, perhaps environment. I have to get serve my skin very carefully to see if I’m getting more sensitivities after each application. As I gave very dry skin, I have to moisturise at least twice a day after bathing. I was using 3 layers for my face, serum then a light moisturiser then a facial cream. Then about 9 months ago I had to stop using the serum as it was just too much and no longer absorbing. Perhaps soon I may also change the brands of my creams and see if another brand works better.

  7. Oh I love this, we have to get the information out!! I know so many friends with both oily and dry skin who just SKIP moisturizer. It makes me cringe! I just wrote posts on both oily and dry skin and how to deal with them, go check it out when you have time.

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