Why Feel Fine, When You Can Feel Amazing?!

There are so many things out there that can make us happier, so why don’t more people do them? Most of the things don’t even cost any money and are so easy to do. So no more saying “I’m fine…” Itโ€™s time to be amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Start with a smile

Even if you don’t feel like smiling first thing in the morning, do it anyway. What you do with your facial expressions can have a big influence on what you’re actually feeling inside. So when you look in the bathroom mirror, make an effort of smiling back at yourself – a smile really can go a long way, and what a beautiful way to start a day off.

Cut down on temptation

We all have things that we like to do but know they may not be the best thing for our health, like eating junk food or drinking a little too much on the weekends. As long as everything is in moderation, there shouldn’t be a problem, unless it’s a bit more of an issue than that.

If you’re struggling with addiction, there are many places that you can go to like in montrose, that have a facility dedicated to helping people. So know that you’re never really alone.

Listen to music

Music is like magic, the power it has over people is incredible. It can change your mood within a matter of seconds depending on the kind of style you listen to. So the next time you’re feeling down, put your headphones on, blast your favorite tunes and forget about the world for a minute or twoโ€ฆ Or twenty!

Get a pet

Pets are awesome to have, they not only put us in a happier mood, but it’s nice to have the company, especially if you live on your own. They are also a great reliever of stress, so have a look for a cute kitty or a playful pup, or anything else that appeals to you. Maybe you’re more of a reptile person!

When you have decided what you want, don’t go straight out and buy one, have a look at your local animals shelters first, as there are many animals out there that are in desperate need of a loving home.

Practice meditation

Meditation isn’t just a great stress reliever; it also gives you useful tools to use in your daily life. It’s all about focusing your energy on something positive instead of paying attention to all the negative things out there that bring us down.

When meditating, make sure you’re in the right environment, so this means somewhere free from distraction. You can even light a candle or two to really set the tone.

Take a break

If life feels all too much for you – just take a break. You’re allowed to sit back and just have some time to yourself, you know? You don’t always have to be the strong one that supports everyone else. It’s so important to take moments out of the busy world, and just breathe.


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  1. I wish I had a pet again, but my husband says heโ€™s not done grieving the loss of our last one. I miss our last pet dearly, and will never forget him, but I wish I had a new little tyke to share my love with. Iโ€™m home all day by myself, while my husband works with several people. No one thinks heโ€™s being entirely fair. Not my psychiatrist, my therapist, or me.

  2. I don’t know what I felt. But there’s this ineffable soothing vibe that I witnessed while reading this piece of art. So relieving.

  3. Amazing post…..simple and effective. The lifestyle has changed so much these days that you actually need articles like these to remind you that you need to stop being Atlas all the time and sit back and relax, give some time to yourself….some quality time..i seriously believe that not giving enough quality time to oneself is the reason of so many new ailments that you hear each day…..Good job Ula.

  4. There is a positivity in your writing that sucks a reader in. I loved the title of this post. Made me read it. Amazing job.
    Pay us a visit you might like our work. Thanks in advance and all the best.

  5. Great post!
    Smiling is such a powerful tool, I find that when I smile even if I feel like sh*t on the inside, it helps me ward off negative energy.

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