Going Off The Beaten Backpacking Track

When backpacking, you may find that you tend to go for countries that seem to offer the same sorts of things. Whether this is a climate that you’re desiring (you’re either a hot weather worshipper or a cold weather warrior), or a certain scenery that you’re looking for (cities, beaches, mountains – you know the drill), sticking to what you know is something that tends to be the case. So how do we get to breaking ourselves out of a cycle this like?

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Bring A Buddy

If you’ve been travelling solo, think about inviting a friend to come along to a country with you. It can offer a fresh perspective, especially on doing things that are outside of your comfort zone. Everyone has different opinions, beliefs, views and interests, and this can be great fun when you’re travelling around a foreign place. Two heads are better than one as the old saying goes, and this can be the case for such a lot of situations when travelling. Not only is it a great source of company, but there is the safety element to consider also; an extra pair of eyes looking out for you and an extra pair of hands to help when circumstances become tricky are really useful.

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Go Above Your Budget

The best backpackers are the ones that come home with money still in their wallet – they’ve shown that they can budget well on their travels. But if you know that this is you and you will be coming home with money that was intended to be spent, why not go above your budget? There are naturally quite expensive places to visit, such as Los Angeles and Paris, and it may not be worth going above your means in these cities in case you wipe yourself out. However, there are other places which look expensive and luxurious but you may be surprised at just how inexpensive they are; search Dominican Republic villas for a good example. You can then book and go in to rent with a friend and live like royalty for a week. It’s as simple as that. There is a lot that is being missed out on by people sticking too religiously to their budgets, but unless you’re planning on saving up for something to buy when you’re home, such as a house or another travelling spree, then why not spend?

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Pick A Place You’d Never Go

This sounds like the one option that i the most obvious, but it’s something that’s also the most unlikely thing that you’d do. Why would you pick a place that you’d never go to? It just doesn’t make sense – you’d not go there for a reason, right? Well, it may just be because you haven’t heard about it, it hasn’t been recommended to you or you haven’t fully looked into what’s there. For example, there are so many countries within Europe that people don’t tend to go to; you get your well-visited ones such as the UK, Spain, France and Italy, and the recommendations come flooding in from these beauty spots. Their capital cities make some of the most well-talked about places to visit in the world, but there are other equally beautiful and culture-filled locations for you to visit across the continent. Think of countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland and Montenegro; these are all becoming popular places to visit when you’re on a budget, strictly because nobody really thinks to go there.

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39 thoughts

  1. It has always been my dream to Travel , trek and visit fancy places . Time and work never gave an opportunity . But certainly after reading this post , I got the lost energy back 🙂 . Good post !

  2. I used to believe that one cant cant travel unless one has a friend to accompany and then i met a man from swizerland and ankther guy from Srilanka they were on their visit to Pakistan. Wgat their philisophy was we travel alone and make friends on the go like they become friends here and then they were travelling and exploring pakistan together.
    Secondly they say we save the money and then quit the job to travel difeferent countries and then go back find a job and cycle continues.

  3. These are all fine suggestions. I tend to go to places that no one thinks to visit, even in countries like France and Germany, or here in North America, just because it fits my mood.

  4. Great article! I like your advice about going above our budget. If there is one thing I’ve discovered, it’s that sometimes we should spend more than we anticipate and just enjoy life.

  5. I completely agree on spending more on your budget, we never know when our final day will arrive and so we should spend that extra amount on something fun and exciting while we can. I remember my cousin and I took a trip to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia and we were given the opportunity to send a couple hundred bucks to take a helicopter ride and it was amazing and worth every penny!!!

  6. Great tips Ula. I agree that when you take off on uncharted paths or less trodden ones it is better to have a friend along on the journey. The wilderness does demand that you have soneone to share the beauty with xx

  7. Great, we also can travel with a low budget. It is easy in europe. It is true, a low budged needs a lot of knowing. It means learning, learning, learning. It is survival…. lol.

  8. I loved this post! I will finish university this year and next year I will go on a backpacking trip alone which I have never done before! I am so excited and will take your advice 😊🙏🏼 I also already wrote a post about my first thoughts about my travels 🤗 Have a lovely day! Marina xxx http://minamarini.wordpress.com

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