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The internet has been such a boon for so many people, myself included. It has enabled more people than ever before to truly take their lives into their own hands and do what they want to do to make money without the restrictions of a typically 9-5.

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If you want to join the ranks of successful internet entrepreneurs and start living a life of greater freedom, here are some of the bet methods that you can use to make money online:


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Not only is blogging a fun and fulfilling job, but it can also be quite lucrative if you take it seriously. Not only that, but you can set up a blog with little to no money, and as long as you commit to writing interesting, entertaining and engaging posts on a regular basis, you will see results. If you like the idea of blogging for a living, try to focus on a subject you know about and which you are interested in, which you feel also has the potential to be monetized, for best results.

Sell on eBay

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Selling on eBay is a pretty simple prospect, and because eBay is one of the biggest retail platforms on the planet, it can be extremely lucrative. Unlike blogging, you will need some capital to get started with online selling, but it needn’t be much, and you can always make use of savings, installment loans no credit check required, or even small business loans, to buy your initial stock. After that, it’s just a matter of attractively marketing your goods and reinvesting the profits into new stock until you have your own successful business up and running.

Internet Marketing

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Internet marketing is simply the process of convincing other people on the internet to buy various products and services by any means you think will work. You could do this by posting about products on forums, and providing an affiliate link where they can be purchased, you could promote goods on social media, or you could set up a whole website reviewing and marketing products.

The key to being successful as an internet marketer is to know your product and your target audience inside out, and then to create truly compelling content that will move them to action. Not everyone is cut out for this, but if you’re a pretty good sales person, the potential to earn a lot of money certainly is there.

Create and Sell Your Own Products

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If you have a particular skill that enables you to create desirable products, whether it be knitted clothing for babies, handmade furniture or beautiful works of art, you could make money by selling your own creations online, either on your own website or on a platform like Etsy. There are lots of consumers out there who seek out unique handmade goods, and they will pay a premium for them, so it’s a good route to go down if you really are talented in any particular niche.

Are you an online entrepreneur? What are your best methods for making money on the internet?

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  1. I still like a bit of physical work in my PD. Sitting at a desk for 10 hours a day wrecked my health and fitness in a year. Forget how much we get paid for it. It was not worth my health. Going into that job I was almost at elite fitness again. Prescription drugs to keep me working were a disaster physically. Stuff the money. Lucky I had no kids or I would have been showing a pathetically weak power of example

      1. I am sure that you wouldn’t be sorry that I have done a more physical work again in the subsequent career changes 🤣😄

      1. I’m kind of new at this just my first year blogging. I don’t have as much time for blogging as I would like. Thanks for following me I just got a chance to check out your blog, and I like it.

  2. I don’t see this as meaningful. Really getting out there and helping people with their problems inspires me to be a better person and strive for balance. The sitting can be fixed with correct tools. I need some meaningful work to do. I don’t know if being broke is apart of some sick process but I do know I’m sick of it.

  3. Internet has many opportunities to offer but it takes time and patience to be successful. People start blogging thinking of becoming overnight success and then they become disappointed.

  4. Even simple translating for foreigners can make you some decent money. I have friends who do it full time and traveling 😀 you have sites like upwork that will connect you with clients easily 😀

  5. This is one of the best articles I’ve read on making money online so far. Thanks for the advice on blogging in particular – I’m afraid the likes of ebay and internet marketing scares me a bit, so I think I’ll stick to what I know and write! Keep up the good content.

  6. Really good article, had something similar on my site, in a bit more depth (link in bio). I wish you the best in your online endeavors. Have you heard about/ do dropshipping?

  7. I am a new blogger just started my blog a few months ago, I have observed that if anyone needs to grow their blog then they have to keep calm and have to be patient.
    Whats your opinion Simple ULA

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