Finding Your Inner Strength

Life is pretty demanding. We all have responsibilities we have to fulfill, risks we have to navigate, mistakes we have to get past. The key to coming out better on the other side is inner-strength, but it’s not exactly something that most of us are taught to cultivate. But it’s inside all of us, we just have to learn how to find it and how to rely on it. For everyone, the source of inner-strength might be something different, but here are a few ways you might be able to identify it.

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Recognize the power of self-worth

The very first step is believing that you have that inner strength to begin with. Our personalities, our traits, our reactions are all largely determined by how we see ourselves. If you’re constantly hard on yourself, constantly expecting better of yourself, it can push you to do great things. However, it can cause you to ignore the great things you’ve already done and the positive side of being you. Show yourself the same respect and regard you would show a family member you care deeply about. Pamper yourself when you think you need it as you would pamper a loved one. Congratulate, reward, and recognize your achievements as you would when someone you know has done what you’ve done. Be kind to yourself.

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Take the stoic’s approach

One mindset that echoes ‘toughness’ is that of stoicism. When people think about stoic people, they might think of Clint Eastwood, of people who appear tough as nails and don’t give a damn about anything else. But it’s not about that surface level superficial toughness. Stoicism is the ability to recognize that there are things in your control and things beyond it. When you truly make an effort to recognize that every day, it’s easier to react practically to any situation rather than letting your fears and anxieties take over. If something’s in your control, you needn’t worry about it because you have the power to change it. If something isn’t in your control, you needn’t worry about it because that worry will accomplish nothing. Real Stoicism involves being sympathetic and taking action when you can while maintaining true strength to get through situations outside your influence.

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Be open to the answers

We have challenges thrown at us every day. Sometimes, people have trouble finding their inner strength because they don’t have an answer to every challenge and it makes them feel worthless. Bot no-one has all the answers. Sometimes, you have to be open to listening, to exploring the spiritual and psychological realities instead of just trying to find a fix. You can use psychic chatrooms to explore the metaphysical possibilities of your life. You can pray or meditate to get some distance from the problem and think about it in a new light. You can seek the support of friends and hash it out. It’s never a failure to rely on others when you know you need to. Failing to do so simply means that you’re going to be stopped by your own limitations more often.

The world is a tough place, but with inner strength you’re tough enough to take it and see all the positives you might otherwise have missed. The tips above might be just the tools you need to find it.

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  1. Old wine in a new bottle… thus effective… at this juncture I needed some morsel of advice and your post did the job… Thank you very much!!!

  2. I have been praying and meditating on resilience for the past week and a half. Reading your post just gave me the insight I needed to find my inner strength. Kudos to you 😌

  3. I love the post! Strength is one of the things I value most in others and in myself. The ability not to let anything break you is something very beautiful. We can let things and people shake our worlds but we must never let the struggles win.

  4. The truth is, one can create their own reality through the power of visualization. Once one breaks through the social conditioning of allowing others to define and set life’s parameters and limitations-only then will one experience the transcendent epiphany of freedom and liberation.

  5. I really liked this post. I have been through so much and have always fought through but there is never any praised received. Sometimes all I want to do is give up, I thought about it last night- just giving up. Life is so hard and without the correct support it can be even harder. Your post has made me remember I need to look after myself a bit more and be kind to myself x

  6. practising stoicism leads you to hold no grudge against people because you go to the root of their bad behaviour. And I am perplexed about if it is a good or bad thing. It took that edge off me.

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