Small Treatments That Make a Big Difference

You love your beauty regime. From moisturizing your skin to drawing on your eyeliner, there’s nothing more enjoyable. I wrote an article about this not that long ago. And while we love it, sometimes we think wouldn’t it be easier to just be ready as soon as you wake up? Well, it doesn’t have to be a dream. And it’s not just reserved to the rich and famous who can afford live-in makeup artists. There are a number of small treatments available that could make a big difference to your daily routine.

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1. Teeth

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If you have discolored, stained or crooked teeth, it can be incredibly tough on your self-confidence. You want to show off your smile, but what if you don’t feel that you can? Well, it makes for some miserable times. Luckily, there are some simple procedures you can go through. From whitening your teeth – either with a DIY kit or professionally – to having braces, there’s plenty to do, and something for within your budget. In fact, you can find six ways to whiten your teeth yourself here.

2. Permanent makeup

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Now, we’re not advising that you go and get your blusher and bright eyeshadow tattooed on permanently! But tinting your eyelashes and eyebrows is a small treatment, yet makes a huge difference. You can say goodbye to spending heaps of money on mascara, and wake up every day with ready-to-go makeup. You can even have semi-permanent eyelash extensions: get the awesome look of long lashes, without the fiddly attachment everyday. Thinking about getting permanent or semi-permanent makeup done? Read this article first, and make sure you know all the facts.

3. Veins

When the summer rolls around, or a smart occasion demands a posh outfit, if you’ve got varicose veins, it can be tough. However, you don’t have to live with them. There are a number of painless, easy vein treatments that remove the sight of them from your legs – giving you the confidence to strut out with style, and enjoy the sun’s warmth on your bare skin, instead of having to cover up with pantyhose or stockings all the time.

4. Hair removal

Live on the beach, in shorts, or in the water? Then you’re probably fed up of constantly shaving or waxing to achieve that summer body-ready look. If that’s the case, why not cut down on time spent in the bathroom, and invest in some laser hair removal? You’ll need a couple of sessions depending on the area of the body and your hair type, but it’ll make your life much easier. Just imagine it: pulling on a pair of shorts, without having to check for stubble first! Check out this post before signing up for any sessions though.

5. Botox

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Botox sounds a lot more invasive than some of the other treatments we’ve mentioned, but thanks to its success and popularity, it’s a lot easier and common to get than ever before. From pumping up your lips to erasing any wrinkles, botox is something to consider if you spend all your money on magic creams that do nothing. Just remember to do your research before having anything done. Find a well qualified, experienced surgeon with plenty of before-and-afters and rave reviews. Know its limits, and what you can realistically expect. Then, if you’re still happy, go and have a play! Botox usually wears off, so even if you’re not thrilled the first time, you won’t have to live with the results forever.

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  1. I 2nd the hair removal tip! Summer has been so much better with out having to share my underarms. I have completed 2 of 6 sessions and already having excellent results.

  2. Thanks for such a great article. You have clearly mentioned all the things well for bigger results. Coming to veins, most of the people faces varicose veins issues. Which can be removed simply by the latest laser treatments given by the vascular surgeons. Hope this helps few.

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