5 Tips to Making Your Bedroom an Oasis

Your bedroom should be a place that you go to to find solace from the world; a place where you can relax and reset before taking on the world again in the morning. Think of your bedroom as a refuge from the chaos and noise that family and work life can bring. Not sure where to start? Here are my top tips for making your bedroom a beautiful and relaxing oasis.


Make it comfortable

This is an obvious one, but by making your bedroom comfortable, you automatically make it a place where you want to retreat to and chill out. The perfect mattress, some mellani bedsheets, and a range of blankets and textures to snuggle under are all important for creating a comfortable space. Add a touch of class to your room by displaying beautiful photos or a large mirror above your headboard; you spend almost a third of your life in bed, you may as well make it somewhere you want to be!

Clear it out of clutter

We are creatures who accumulate, and sometimes it can be difficult to depart with the memorabilia we have gathered up over the years. However, clean and clear surfaces make for a clean and clear mind, so declutter the sides in your bedroom, put away all the clothes which are dumped on the chair in the corner and tidy up the pile of magazines and books beside the bed, stat.

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Learn the art of feng shui

Feng shui is all about harmonization; it’s about making sure your inner self and your environment are all perfectly in-sync with each other, all creating a calming atmosphere. If you can, place your bed on the opposite side of the room and at an angle to the door, as well as trying to keep a window on your right. This will allow you to absorb energy from the outside as you wake up in the morning! Remember to keep work desks out of the bedroom too, so that you don’t associate your place of rest with your place of stress.

Bring plants into your room

There was once a study which found that people worked much better in an office when they were surrounded by fresh flowers or houseplants. If greenery makes you feel better in the workplace, imagine how relaxing they will be in the bedroom! Plants are not only good for decreasing stress but also purify the air around us and make us healthier!

Paint in hues of blue

Some scientists say that the color blue directly affects our autonomic nervous system without us even being conscious of it. Blue plays a big part in reducing stress, slow breathing, and blood pressure, meaning that it is the perfect color to decorate your bedroom in. Color therapists suggest that blue has a calming effect, and can send you into slumber if a room is decorated in it. So, if your bedroom is due for a new coat of paint, why not create a feature wall in blue? Or, if you would rather stick to neutral walls, add some blue accents in the curtains, rug or blankets on the bed.

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  1. Thanks for these 5 tips of making our bedroom a comfortable and a relaxed place. I am sorry for the first comment, it is not meant for you, kindly help to delete it. Thanks.

  2. I liked ur suggestion, I follow a minimalistic design, Like no paintings or poster just plain walls, painted apple green, a custom made low bed with only white sheets, a wooden chair and wooden desk facing the door. Of course a shelf for random things I put in.

  3. I really love my bed room to be a place to always count on..to relax…calm and the happiness place….thanks for sharing tip on making it the way i want. Love from India

  4. I basically live in my bedroom. Though I don’t watch much TV, we only have a TV in our bedroom so when my hubby is home we spend most of our time there. But during the day I’m home alone and I spend time mostly in my bedroom with my laptop. My bed is comfy and I keep my bedroom mostly neat and tidy.

    I used to have my pet parrot in my bedroom. Because of that he was always with me. Unfortunately he died in February. It was so sad, but I still regard my bedroom as my nook.

  5. My secret-keepers, Hedge and Hog, reside on my nightstand in my bedroom. Whenever I have an idea during the night, I tell it to them to keep it safe for me until the morning. I highly recommend having a Secret-Keeper in your bedroom.

  6. On the topic of plants and stress, do you think that fake plants have a somewhat similar affect to real ones? I’m quite busy and often forget to water my plants, so they tend to die on me quite quickly. I now have fake plants dotting around, but I’m not sure if they just look pretty or if they’re doing anything!

    Fleur @ Fleur Henley

    1. I don’t think that fake plants are as good as the real ones, unfortunately, but instead of having none, fake will be quite good, in my opinion.

  7. Wow, I like this post! Thanks for sharing these tips with us (I especially loved the feng shui advice).And I never knew that blue is the best color for relaxation))

  8. I just brought some air plants into my bathroom that’s off my bedroom, and it does help, so I’m going to try to bring some more in now that some clutter is finally clear 🤗

  9. Great tips, I really enjoy your blog overall. People forget how important their immediate space is for happiness and balance. My favorite was the tip about bringing plants into the room. Purifying the air and adding tranquility.

    Great blog 🙂

  10. Very good tips! Such ‘small’ things (which are actually not small at all), can really do a lot. I’m someone who is always very busy, but since I started becoming more aware of what is happening around me and taking more time to relax, I started to really appreciate such things. Thank you for this blog post!

  11. These are wonderful tips! It’s a constant struggle to get my husband to make the bed in the morning (he leaves after me) but when he does, my room feels so much less cluttered.

  12. This posts gets this many hearts from me: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    I'm so glad you visited my book blog, because if you didn't, I wouldn't have come across this powerhouse and lighthouse of a blog.
    There's so much value here. Thanks for bringing your light into the world. 🙂

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