How to Get Ready for a Garden Party

Now that summer is here, you will probably be looking to spend as much time outdoors as you possibly can. And one of your best ways of doing this is by hosting your very own garden party. Inviting some friends and family over to enjoy your outdoor space while enjoying some fantastic food and drink sounds pretty great, right? If you are finding the idea a little overwhelming as there is so much to plan, here is a quick list of the essentials that you need to tick off in order to host a great event.

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Tidy Up the Garden

First of all, you want the garden to look as good as it possibly can. Start by doing the basic work like mowing the lawn and weeding the garden. Though you may not have time to plant new flowers, you can still get some potted plants and hanging baskets full of bright colours to breathe some life into your outdoor space. Next, you will probably want to set aside an area for seating. Try to arrange everything in a social way so that you encourage conversation between your guests. You may want to have separate areas for eating and relaxing after dinner if you have the rooms for them.

Prepare the Food and Drinks

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Having a barbecue is obviously the classic way to cook outdoors. The great thing about this method of cooking is that it doesn’t take a great deal of time (if you know what you are doing) and it is also social as you don’t have to keep going in and out of the house. You may decide to have a few other items on the side like a salad, some fresh fruit, chips and other snacks. When it comes to drinks, the colder the better! If you don’t want to have to keep going inside, you could buy a cool bag to store them in. A nice summery idea is a fruit punch if you want to get a little creative in your beverage making!

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Plan Your Outfit

The summer months are unfortunately all too short, so when you are having an event like this one, you want to look as good as you possibly can. There is nothing like a classic floral dress so check out dress boutiques online to browse through some different options. You also have plenty of options when it comes to accessories, so why not go for a summery hat or designer pair of sunglasses?

Sort Out the Entertainment

First of all, it is a nice idea to have some music playing all throughout your garden party. There are plenty of wireless speakers available these days that can means you can control the music from your phone and keep your guests dancing. Also, you could consider some classic outdoor games like boules, croquet or horseshoes. Simply having that entertainment option can really help your party to run smoothly. But, most importantly, make sure the food keeps coming and the drink keeps flowing and your should be on the fast-track to success!      

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  1. For us the food is one of the most important element along with the entertainment. Because a great combination of the two will make the evening somethign to remember!

  2. I love hanging outdoors in the summer and usually have a few friends over but in Delaware, the humidity and mosquitoes can ruin it quickly!


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