Not Feelin’ Yourself? These Tips Will Change That!

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but as anyone will know, not feeling happy with the way you look can easily bring you down. The average person will experiment with a number of different looks in their lives (awkward teenage goth phase, anyone?), before finally settling on a style they feel comfortable with. Similarly, the average person is also likely to fluctuate regarding their weight, and in their approach to health and beauty before finally plateauing with a consistent routine. But what happens if this doesn’t happen, and you never feel totally at ease with your body or style? Not feeling like you belong in your own skin can be particularly damning, and it can hugely knock your confidence in yourself too. Here are a few ways you can make the best of yourself so you can find a version of you love more than ever.

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Finally, deal with what’s getting you down

If you’ve lived for years with a particular body hang up, it might be time to do something about it. Of course, we are so much more than just our bodies, but when you’re self-conscious about something, it’s hard for it not to get you down. You may have already tried to rectify the problem yourself but to no avail – in which case it may be worth looking into services provided at somewhere like For example, if you’ve always dreamed of a curvier bum, but all the squats in the world don’t seem to change anything for you, a cosmetic procedure could give you the results you so desperately crave. Of course, a surgery like this is not something to be taken lightly. But if it has a positive impact on your life, then it’s worth every penny.

Move out of your comfort zone

Style is a tricky one, as many of us easily get stuck in a rut when it comes to what we wear. A lot of the time, we are fearful that moving away from what we are used to will backfire, or we are worried what people will think. But you don’t need to do anything too drastic. Simply start gradually experimenting with different brands, shapes and colours to the point that you feel comfortable with. You might have some misses as well as hits while you work out what suits you – but it’s all part of the process.

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Learn makeup skills

Makeup can have a huge impact on both the way we look and the way we feel – it is used by women and men all over the world to help boost their confidence, and to create some striking looks. However, you may discount makeup entirely as you are not confident in your skills with it. In the modern day, there is no reason why this has to be the case. The internet is awash with video tutorials and beauty vloggers showing you exactly how to use your makeup to get the best effect possible. Plus, high-quality makeup is now available in many drugstores, at very reasonable prices. Think of it as a skill, and take the time to learn it – you won’t be disappointed!

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26 thoughts

  1. Great advice! I recently got bored with my hair so when my hairdresser suggested a little purple, I went for it. I love it, and it made me feel a bit younger and funkier too!

  2. I am the most handsome dude ever created and that ever liveth, that’s been my slogan for years, and it does reflects on all I do and put my mind to.
    I remember while in college, I was as thin as a broomstick and my friends would make full jest of me, but as it is now, the reverse is the case.

    We all need time and time process to overcome whatever negative thoughts or feedbacks emanating from any quarters… Time will tell.

    Dee3concepts. (

  3. “Not Feelin yourself” is so relatable. It is easy to feel unsatisfied or unhappy about yourself but it is what you do to fix and or improve yourself that can change our lives for the better. Whether it is a boost in our self-esteem, self-confidence or even improved health being happy with and in ourselves is important. My definite take away from this post is that sitting still and doing nothing but feel blue will not make us feel better. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I particularly love the tip on stepping out of my comfort zone. Because that involves working on your internal self and it can be quite hard. Lovely tips as usually Ula.

  5. Thanks Ula for following my blog. The tips you shared here are awesome, especially the tip that has to do with moving from our comfort zone. To me that’s one of the most awkward things to do, yet the most powerful. “How’d you expect me to leave my comfort zone”, is a question that most people would want to ask? In my life personally on several occasions I have had to take that decision, and the outcome has always been tremendous. As I write this comment I have already written my resignation letter to quit my present job for good, in order to have more time for my family, personal business and ministry. That may sound absurd, but deep within me I just feel that’s the right thing to do. Thanks again for sharing these tips. I’m greatly blessed by them. You’re deeply loved, highly favoured and greatly blessed because you’re God’s righteousness in Christ and a life-giving spirit just like Jesus.

  6. I agree with you, Ula. Whenever I’m feeling bored or dissatisfied with my looks, I give myself a little makeover, and it always helps. I often discover great new products, hairstyles or clothes. You’re right about the style comfort zone — I recently have tried some new clothing styles that I never wore before and am actually liking some of them!

    As for makeup, I never leave the house without it. If I do, I’m sure to run into someone I haven’t seen in a while! Lol. I hear some women say, “I don’t wear makeup,” or “I don’t need makeup,” and I’m thinking, “Um…you DO!” Maybe not when you’re very young, but after a certain age, tasteful makeup helps tremendously with the way one looks and feels. Good grooming is not vanity, it is respect for yourself and the others who have to look at you! 🙂

  7. It’s great that you give tips to people who feel insecure. Fortunately, I don’t have any problems with that on the outside. I use only a little makeup because I want to look as natural as possible! You done well, go on, there’s always something we can use as tips!
    Best regards, Heidi

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