Natural Hair Care Tips

Are you sick of buying expensive products and seeing no results? Our TV’s tell us if we buy certain products we’ll walk away with glossy, shiny and conditioned hair, but the reality isn’t worth the money. Well, now the secret is out. Women have been protecting and conditioning their own hair naturally for centuries. Here’s what you need to know about naturally caring for your hair.

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If you’re having a difficult time getting the condition back into your hair, all you’ll need is one chicken’s egg. Crack the egg into a cup and mix well. Use your hands to spread the egg mixture onto your damp hair and leave it there for twenty minutes. The egg will work to replace any lost moisture in your hair. Rinse your hair with warm water, not hot. As you brush through your hair, you should immediately notice the difference in its condition.

Warm Showers

During the Winter months, it’s difficult to not get in a shower and turn the temperature right up. However, hot water is the biggest culprit for stripping the hair of all its natural oils. The hair need its natural oils to maintain a good level of cleanliness and a soft condition. When you’re washing your hair, use only warm water. If you really need to warm up on a cold day, have a hot bath instead and put your hair up.


Although products help us to control our hair and create flattering hair styles, they also damage our hair. Try to use less product in your hair and learn to create styles naturally. After all, we didn’t always have straighteners and curling irons, but women still did a good job at styling their hair. If you’re trying to stay away from hair color but you’re worried about brassy tones, visit If you can learn to work with your natural hair, you’ll see a big change in a short time.

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Add Honey

If you want your hair to be smoother, honey could be the answer you’re looking for. Take a look at this article –  Add a few tablespoons of honey to a few tablespoons of your normal conditioner. Apply evenly through your wet hair and leave to soak in for thirty minutes. This is much better than any deep conditioning treatment your hairdresser could offer you. Rinse off once the time is up and you’ll be left with shiny and smooth hair that’ll impress anyone.

Baking Soda

If you’re sick of hair product left in your hair, even after a wash, baking soda could be the answer. Mix a few tablespoons with some water and add it to your hair after you’ve used shampoo. It will help to strip the hair of any leftover products without damaging it. This way, if you do use product on your hair for a special occasion, you always have a way of making sure it’s removed when you need it to be.

You don’t have to spend over the odds to keep your hair in a healthy condition. In fact, many people can find the perfect hair care in their kitchen cupboards!


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66 thoughts on “Natural Hair Care Tips

  1. This article takes me back ti the days of Adam and Eve. Products are good at times, but we should remain with mother earth. My daughter has a natural hair blog & loves finding new products that work on her hair. I remember using mayonnaise on my hair. It’s a good conditioner too. 💟

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  4. Great tips. But we shouldn’t forget that when we use egg for our hair we should always use cold water to wash the egg out instead of warm water since the warm water can cook up the egg and leave a smell. Honey also works miracles. I love using honey.

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