Train Your Mind And Body For The Perfect Peace Of Mind

Have you noticed how everyone seems to be stressed out about everything? Stress is becoming such an important part of everybody’s life that it is also one of the top causes of death among active adults. Unfortunately, stress tends to be the results of how external factors impacts on your life. From there on, there can be only two options: Number one; you change the external factors – and good luck with that –, or number two; you reduce the way stress impacts on you. Number two seems like the feasible option at the moment. Stress will always affect you. But you can create pockets of peacefulness into your life to become fitter in the face of stressful events. Here’s how to train your mind and body!

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1. Set The Home Décor

If you haven’t thought of your home décor before, it’s time to consider how it can affect your mood and energy. For instance, people who tend to keep a messy bedroom find it more difficult to have a good night sleep. Talking of bedrooms, it is the room where you can rest without being disturbed by the external events in the world. Your bedroom is your oasis and needs, therefore, to feel like one. What this means it that you should ensure that your bed is comfortable – people do sleep better in a comfy bed – and that the room is clear of unnecessary clutter. If you want to clear the air in the room, it’s a good idea to put some plants, such as aloe vera which is an oxygenator and active pollutant destroyer. Breathe in, breathe out, good and refreshing night.

2. Release The Bad Energy

You can’t stop frustrating or annoying things from happening. That’s what life is about: Not everything is pink and pretty. But what you can do is find a way to release the negative energy before it consumes you. What you choose to do it up to you, but here’s a piece of advice: Sports work better than drinks! Some people like to put their yoga pants on for a meditative session of stretching, body control, and balance. Others prefer to run in the woods as fast as their feet will carry them.

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3. Love Is A Motivator

Spending time with your family and friends is always beneficial. Not only does it reinforce the bonds you have with those you love, but it also helps you to deal with stressful situations differently. Talking about your problems can be a great way to find new solutions. Or maybe you simply need to remember your priorities in life, so that you can get rid of everything that eats away your time and your mood.

4. Eat Right To Feel Right

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Eating is an interesting topic when it comes to stress, as most people tend to give in to binge eating to cope with difficult situations – while others find themselves unable to eat. Before going to these extremes, you should consider the hidden power of your food. Fruits and vegetables can make you feel happier. Indeed, if you increase your fruits and veg portions to eight a day, you will rapidly begin to develop a form of life satisfaction that you didn’t feel before. What’s the reasoning behind it? Nobody knows, but an Australian study found out that eating your five to eight a day every day makes you feel more optimistic, and consequently less stressed.

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  1. I enjoyed this article. It’s a reminder to get my bedroom in order so my sleep can be much more restful and peaceful. Oh, I just noticed an article about “Tips to making your bedroom an oasis.” I can stay here all night.

  2. Very good points especially the bedroom decoration and the healthy eating habits. I have a very boho style home but my bedroom is simple and -I try to keep it- clutter free 🙏🏽

  3. Before I started running, I thought people were INSANE to think it was relaxing. It’s definitely one of those things you don’t understand until you try!

  4. There is also a lot of fresh food inside of the wood. Bushcrafters (Waldläufer) knows about that. Also running and climbing through the bush is great for the body and health. To the soul at our stressy times “Taize” is a good thing. Well, body and soul sould be healthy 🙂

  5. This is a great list! I totally agree with everything! If I’m feeling crummy mentally or physically, the first thing I try to focus on is getting a bit more exercise, and eating a few more fruits and vegetables. This helps monumentally! Yoga also helps, as does making sure the house is neat, clean, and decorated the way I like. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    -Helene <3

  6. I’ve always heard that plants in the bedroom are not that good! Yes, they are good because they convert bad air into oxygen, but at night they release nitrogen and that’s bad for the health! Other tips will be fine!
    Best regards, Heidi

  7. Hi, lots of your points rang true for me, it’s only as I have gotten older that I have realised I should have taken better care of myself at University! Thanks for the reminder that it’s never too late
    by Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

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