Trouble Sleeping? Time To Get Acquainted With Your Bed

We’re all agreed that sleep is important, right? When we don’t get enough, we barely recognize ourselves. And no, that’s not because of the bags under our eyes. It’s because of how lack of sleep makes us think and act. We become monsters, which is horrible for us, and the people around us. For this reason, the majority of us know our sleep pattern pretty well. We’re all aware of how much rest we need to function the next day, and we go to bed accordingly.

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But, are our efforts enough? With one in three people developing some form of insomnia, it would seem not. So, where are we going wrong? For the most part, we fail to acknowledge the small things which can make a big difference to how we sleep. Major mistake. And, when it comes to what affects sleep, nothing has more impact than our beds. We all think we know our beds well. We sleep in them every night, right? But, we’re going to look at a few of the areas you might not know yours as well as you think.

The Mattress

Your mattress has more impact than anything when it comes to sleep quality. An uncomfortable or lumpy one could keep you up all night. The chances are, you don’t know as much about your mattress as you should. You may not even realize it’s the reason you wake so often. A good way to test this is to sleep in your spare bed for a night. How different is your sleep quality? The chances are, quite a lot.

Small things, like whether a mattress has springs in it or not, can have a tremendous impact. Try, if you can, to find out what design your current mattress is. Look on the label, then do a bit of internet research. If you think it may be causing you problems, you want to opt for something completely different. If, for example, a spring mattress isn’t working, you could try a memory foam option instead. Also, Try Mattress does ratings and reviews on mattress companies. You can read comprehensive reviews and find the perfect mattress for your sleep position.

Your Duvet

You should also get acquainted with your duvet. Let’s be honest; a lot of us don’t even know the difference between a duvet and a duvet cover. But, once you’re informed about that, there are other, less obvious things to consider. Again, what your duvet is made of can make a big difference. It may be that a feather duvet overwhelms you. If you think that’s the case, opt for an option with a different type of down in it.

Your duvet can also affect your body temperature. If you’re too hot overnight, you’re more liable to wake. Equally, if you’re too cold, you may struggle to sleep well. You can solve this easily by getting duvets of different thicknesses, or togs. Many people have a summer and winter duvet which they swap over time. If you don’t do this already, it’s something worth thinking about.

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The Pillows

We’re leaving no stone unturned here, so it’s time to think about your pillows. The main way these impact sleep is their height. Some of us sleep on two pillows, while some only use one. It’s a matter of personal taste, and you wouldn’t think it makes much of a difference. But, sleeping with your head either too low or too high could have more impact than you’d think. Sleeping too high can exacerbate health problems, and also cause neck pain if you aren’t careful. If you often feel sore when you wake up, it might be time to lose or gain a pillow. Don’t be afraid to try a few things out before settling on the right height for you!

The Position Of Your Bed

Time to get all feng shui. You may not realize it, but the position of your bed can also impact how well you sleep. There are some obvious reasons for this. If you face a window, for example, you’re more likely to be woken by light or noise. But, there are some other pointers you may never have considered. For example, feng shui guides advise that you keep the head of your bed against a wall as it offers security which gets you to sleep faster. Makes sense, right? Feng shui also tells us not to position our beds on the same wall as a door. Much like the window rule, this is to avoid disturbances. Again, it makes complete sense. So, try moving your bed and see whether you sleep better because of it.

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  1. Wait until menopause. Sleep will become a distant memory. Hormonal changes including night sweats will keep you awake. Since I’ve had chronic insomnia for over 10 years and being over 50 I finally decided last year to start working evenings. So now I work the night shift. Basically I sleep on my days off. The aging process especially for women totally changes your sleep patterns.

  2. Ciao …. very nicve article…
    Very important are the materials with which the bed is built…. itìs better to use natural raw materials…..

  3. We got a new memory foam mattress, and it’s made such a difference in my sleep. I never wake up sore anymore, and I usually sleep like the dead. Very good investment, because I need my beauty sleep! 😋

  4. Hahaha my best hermaphroditism if you had a horrible day in your post and very stressing when I see my bed is my particular throne of relax.

  5. My pillows are my worst nightmare lol😂 Stiff neck…too squashy in all the wrong places…too flat …too fat and lumpy. ..!! You name it it’s my pillows faults!! lol 😃

  6. In the past when I was a teenager and a young woman, you could not even wake me up with a canon shot: -D Now I get frequently wake up because I get too warm and when I get off the duvet, after a while I’m getting cold and so I wake up more often 🙁 I Also fold my pillow double and notice the next morning that I wake up next to my pillow 😀

  7. >For the most part, we fail to acknowledge the small things which can make a big difference to how we sleep. Major mistake.
    Bingo! A favorite thing I like to tell others is that it’s the little stuff that matters. From dieting and the decision to snack once more all the way to exercise and taking a day off.. The little things can really add up real fast.
    Hm, I should read up on feng shui. My bed is actually on the same wall as my door, but for good reason! I’d like to face my open window when I sit up from my bed after a good night’s rest. 🙂 But now, I am reconsidering as I never gave noise much thought!

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