4 Signs You’re Ready To Move In With Him

There are certain relationship milestones that are HUGE. Your first date. Your first kiss. The first time you met his friends. The first time you met his family. The first time you stayed over at his place. The first Valentines day you spent with them. Your first anniversary. There are so many relationships, some of which are more exciting that scary, others that are more scary than exciting. The thing that links each of them, though, is timing. There is a time when things feel right, and that includes one of the biggest relationship steps of all: moving in together.

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It is a massive decision filled with nerves and excitement and wonder and adoration and panic and second-guessing and more excitement. So, to help you know if the time is right or whether it is too early to be calling those local moving services, we have come up with some of the signs that suggest you’re ready to rock and roll.

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You Spend Most Nights At Theirs

If you are already spending most of your nights together, whether at his place or yours, then you are already getting a good idea of what it is like to live together. You’ll know the little nuances each other has, the little routines, the things you like and dislike and where to compromise, and that means it could well be time to stop running home every three days to get new clothes and just shack up together.

Your Honeymoon Phase Is Over

That honeymoon phase is one of the best times in any couple’s life. That time where you can’t get enough of each other, and you stare into each other’s eyes believing one another are nothing short of perfect. Moving in during this time is ill-advised. You are just to swept up in young love to make a well-informed decision. Everyone is different, but this phase usually lasts between seven to twelve months. When the honeymoon phase is over, reality starts to settle in, and you can think with your brain and not your love hormones and rose-tinted sunnies, and that’s when you will know whether it is time or not.

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You Talk About Yourselves Long-Term

Don’t jump the gun and move in together before you have started to talk about the future, together, as a loved-up couple. Moving in together and entwining your lives that much more is a big old step and so it is important you know each other’s future plans and hopes and dreams first, just to make sure they align. If you are going to live under one roof then you want to be on the same page moving forward. If you’ve been doing this and discussing these things then, yup, it could be time to do the deed.

You Don’t Feel Any Pressure

When you feel pressured to do anything, tiny little alarm bells start ringing in your head and your heart. This is especially true in a relationship. Being pressured to do anything can make you second-guess everything you ever thought about the person you like. Pressured to have a kiss, to go on a date, to get married, to have a baby and, yup, move in. Pressure is not good. It’s just not the way you should be starting your life under one roof. You should be moving in because you want to and because you feel excited too. It is as simple as that.

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  1. Just going through this now. So true. I believe when you start making future plans together it’s time. When you spend most of your day and everyday with your significant other, it’s time. When you’ve already made space in your wardrobe and start making room and space round the house for ’em it’s time

    the old fashioned way will have you married off before moving in together and whilst once upon a time that would of been the right thing to do. Time has indeed changed.

  2. Great post! It feels like so long ago that when we went through this. (12 years). From my experience, I’m glad that I knew alot about him before I moved in, mostly his bad habits. So that was easier. When we fought it was weird though, it’s like you can’t escape lol your in the same place (for us it was a small apartment!). 10 years later, we’re married with a baby 😊😊😊

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’m on the position now where I got to decide if we should wait or agree to move in together. x exciting 🙂

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