Supplementing Your Health: A Foolproof Guide

Supplements are part and parcel of everyday life and caring for our own health for many of us. There are plenty of good reasons to supplement your food intake, too – from soil degradation through to health conditions that impact proper absorption.

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The problem is, most of us experiment with supplements without entirely understanding how we can expect results from them. If you skip through the reviews of any supplement online, you will quickly see the bad reviews: “made no difference!” and “nothing happened!” comments abound. So while there are legitimate reasons to use supplements to enhance your diet and improve your health, there also seems to be something of a knowledge gap in the general population.

If you want to ensure you’re getting the most from your supplements, then streamlining your decision-making process into three easy steps should give you all the reassurance you need.

1. Identify The Right Supplement For You

Most people turn to supplements because they are trying to fix a problem. Perhaps you’re concerned about a genetic disposition to bone problems, or you want to improve the texture and thickness of your hair. There’s a thousand and one reasons, and a thousand and one solutions – so you have to take the time to research, research, and research some more. You want to find the defining supplement that is linked with the ability to resolve the concern that you have. If you are not sure which you should be trying, then a few basic Google searches should lead you in the right direction. You could also try joining health forums and asking for recommendations, as well as your GP – the latter being a particularly good idea.

2. Do Your Research

Don’t just believe the claims of manufacturers when it comes to supplements; go out of your way to source reviews from users who have been taking the supplement in question. If you take a look at these AlgaeCal reviews and testimonials or these comments about the efficacy of Biotin for hair growth, you’ll see a mixture of positive and neutral reviews – which is about right. These are opinions of actual users, which offer real value and insight into what a supplement might be able to offer you.

3. Give It Three Months

When you finally settle on a supplement and start taking it, don’t expect immediate results. It’s not going to miraculously solve all your problems in a matter of days; you’re going to need to give your body time to adjust to the new routine. As a minimum, you should be giving each new supplement three months to show a noticeable improvement in whatever health concern you’re trying to target. Keep a diary of your symptoms and expectations, then at the end of the three months, you will be well equipped to truly evaluate if the supplement has been of benefit to you.

You may find that it is only when you stop taking the supplement that you notice the improvement it had given you; you might see little symptoms you had forgotten about begin to return. If this is the case for you, then it’s a good sign that the supplement is truly benefiting you. Providing your doctor agrees, keep taking it to continue improvements.

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  1. Great advice! It’s so important to do your own research on products/ingredients instead of just doing a Google search. You are right, there’s always bad reviews out there and often from people who are trying to sell their own products. And it’s very important to give it time and not expect quick fixes. Good things take time.

  2. Anybody have any reviews/tips/advice for using evening of primrose oil for ease during menstruation period? I got into it for a little while when I was in high school, and was thinking of trying it again (: just wondering if I’d have to take it three times a day, everyday, for it to actually have an effect- cause I wasn’t consistent with it in the past.

  3. Research is important. There are peer-reviewed papers by reputable instituions and scientists aplenty. Google searches and random opinions are simply an awful way to obtain scientific information.

  4. very useful and good blog …………….
    it is very good to know about supplements which can solve problem . there are many supplement which can solve same problem but we have to choose that one which can’t create some other problem….
    but now a days nearly every edible thing is contaminated so people have to know very clearly about ………….

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