3 Reasons To Do An Engagement Photoshoot

When you are freshly engaged, it can feel like the world and the future are at your feet. It’s a shame then that some people have thrown cynicism over the (relatively new, but nevertheless valid) tradition of the engagement photoshoot.

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The idea is a simple one. While we’re all constantly taking pictures on our smartphones, few of us would claim to be seasoned photographers. There is something that a photographer can catch that nothing else can manage. The period after you have become engaged but prior to the stress of your wedding is a beautiful time, so why not capture photos in the essence of the moment and make the most of them?

Some people feel that engagement photoshoots are cheesy and unnecessary; that the couple should be content to wait for their wedding for the photography to begin in earnest. As you will soon discover, there’s no need for that to be the case at all…

1. Make A Day Of It

Freshly engaged, you’re probably happier to be around one another than ever before. Engagement is an inherently romantic time, so why not take a day out from work and give yourselves a treat that’s just for you?

You could do the photoshoot in the afternoon, followed by a night out on the town seeing a movie or going for a romantic dinner. Not only will this give you wonderful fresh memories, but you’re also guaranteed to have a set of photographs to look back on that are far more beautiful than anything you could snap with your phones.

2. Dressing Up Is Fun

Well, there’s nothing wrong with something a little more superficial! Why not go all out to look your best together, on a day that’s just for you rather than including your wedding party when the big day rolls around?

You could even allow this to extend your day. In the morning, you could have your hair done professionally while he works his way through advice like Beard Care and Beard Maintenance – The Ultimate Guide to make sure his facial hair is on point. You could head off shopping together for your photoshoot outfits and have lunch while out. Alternatively, you could start the day at a spa, indulging in a couple’s massage and maybe even a beauty treatment or two.

3. Stem The Regrets

If you let yourself be persuaded against the idea of an engagement photoshoot because you think they’re cheesy (rather than just plain not liking the idea of one), then that would be a real shame.

Ask yourself if you’re going to feel the same in 40 or 50 years time, when your grandchildren will be asking to see photos of you both when you were younger. Will you still think they are cheesy? Or will you be glad to have a perfect memory captured during the most romantic time of your relationship? If you want to find the perfect concept for your photoshoot, then Cute Engagement Photo Ideas And Poses: Find Inspiration For Your Own Shoot! has some amazing advice that will ensure you don’t veer anywhere near cheese.

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  1. YAS 🤗 this is something I’m really looking forward to when my boyfriend and I get engaged. We love taking photos together and of each other- we’ve documented our whole relationship and it’s a lot of fun seeing the journey we’ve taken so far!

  2. Can’t wait to do this, if the day ever comes! I’ve always wanted to do a professional photo shoot but never have the time, money, or confidence. This definitely gives me some inspiration!

  3. I enjoyed reading this post! I did an engagement shoot as well and made it more fitting to our personalities and it turned out to be more fun and hilarious now that we have pictures to look through it. I love the way your blog layout is. You write so well!

  4. I completely agree with what you are saying in this blog! They are as cheesy as you want to make them depending on what kind of couple you are. Instead of getting frustrated when you or your partner aren’t taking the “perfect selfie” you can have fun with a professional helping you both look your best.

  5. I agree completely – it also helps you get comfortable in front of the camera as not everyone is a MODEL :). It can feel a bit weird and uncomfortable at first. It is a good practice run for your wedding day. I’m glad we did an engagement shoot, it gave us the chance to get to know our photographer and made us more excited 🙂

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