Walls in our home

My husband and I, we started talking about how we would like to decorate our house much before we got married ☺.

We talked what interior design styles we like and what rooms should be in our house and which are not necessary. We both are not huge fans of big things, so as you can guess we would like a small, but very nice house.

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6 Jewelry Gift Ideas For This Christmas Season

Jewelry is one of the best types of gifts to give your loved ones this season. Nothing beats a beautiful piece of jewelry, and you can be assured that whatever kind you buy, the person who is on the receiving end is going to love it for sure. If you are still wondering what type of jewelry would make excellent gifts this Christmas, then you’re in luck, because we are here to spell it out for you so that you can have an easier time finding presents this holiday season that people will like and appreciate.

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Moving Nests: Destress & Declutter The Process

Every move to somewhere new means a fresh start. It’s a beautiful thing, really, but we’re often too caught up in the stress factor that usually comes with significant changes – and unwinding becomes increasingly difficult. We’re trying to say goodbye to one part of our lives while also opening the door to a completely new beginning, but why does it have to feel so painful?

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3 Things More Important Than Money

We’ve all heard the saying that money doesn’t buy happiness, but is there any truth to it? According to a study, having lots of money doesn’t translate to happiness or satisfaction. In the research, it was found that people who had a high income were not much happier than someone with a low income. It was also found that happiness based on how much money you make doesn’t last because having access to the finer things in life can cause feelings of dissatisfaction to develop in the people around you. Eventually, you become stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to outdo everyone else, which is not a healthy way to live. Everyone tries to buy happiness, but the truth is, there are more important things in life that can give you joy. Here are 3 things that are more important than money.

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