How I made my hubby’s birthday special (at Couple’s Resort, Ontario, Canada)

My husband deserves all the stars in the sky ❤. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard for me to make it happen so for his birthday I took him to Couple’s Resort in Whitney, ON, Canada. I got him some engraved gifts and made a birthday cake (my first birthday cake) so I’ll say that it’s almost like at least a couple of stars from the sky 😃.

A short video of our stay ☺

2018-03-20 05.41.18 1.jpg

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Tips And Tricks For Decorating With Roman Blinds

Windows are the most important part of any room. They need to provide as much natural light and ventilation as possible. Fortunately, Roman blinds allow you to adjust the air and light as needed. They also frame windows and emphasize them against your décor and colored palette. Here are some tips and tricks to using Roman blinds in your home.

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Which Is The Wisest Investment – Gold Or Silver Bullion?

Deciding which of the two is the best investment really comes down to how well the market is doing. Keeping up with the latest industry data is crucial if you want to make a wise investment.

Many think gold has a lot more to offer than silver, however, when things are weighed up equally, both metals come closer than they might think. As silver has so many industrial applications, it is a key component and very valuable. Due to its value and demand, having silver bullion may in fact be a very solid investment.

This article seeks to weigh up both silver and gold to discuss which one might be the best investment. The good thing is that nowadays, you can buy gold bullion from retail specialists that are reliable, secure and fair.

Before you make any decisions though, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why both precious metals are investable.
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Ross Or Rachel? How To Tell If A Breakup Is Permanent

People say some outrageous things to the people they love. On reflection, it’s never a good move, yet you are so close that you don’t mind telling the truth. Although the facts are important, the truth does hurt and couples break up as a result. On again, off again, on again, off again – the merry-go-round keeps turning and you’re at its center. As you age, the realization that you can’t wait forever hits home. Whether it’s a breakup or you’re on a break, it’s important to know so that you can move on with your life. Here are the signs it may not be temporary.

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