Adventure Alert: Dinos And Friends Drive Thru

When most of the places are closed and our little ones are mostly stuck at home, an adventure is much needed! Luckily, I’m happy to let you know that there is going to be a socially distanced, fully contactless event for the whole family!

Dinos and Friends Drive Thru is a tour, which brings that you back to prehistoric times where you will view a herd of animatronic dinosaurs displayed in realistic scenes. It will allow your family to experience them roaring and moving. It’s all when you are safely in your own vehicle as you drive your way through the tour. One of the great things are going to be baby dinosaurs that greet guests and bring big smiles to explorers of all ages! During the drive-thru experience, you are guided by an engaging and informative digital audio which will be transmitted through your car radio.

Not only it will be a fun family day, but also so educating! On top of that, your family will have the opportunity to drive thru a wide variety animals such as cows, pigs, and goats. We all know that kids are obsessed with these :). Your adventure will also include several tricks by man’s best friend – Doggy Doggy! Last, but not least you will view an elaborate display of over 14 species of birds of prey.

All in all, neither your little one nor my Lily will have to look at animals only in the books, but in real life! 🙂 Please check their website: for more information about dates, times and price.

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