Top Living Room Trends To Create A Beautiful Home

Does your living room need a bit of TLC? If you’re looking to give your living room a spruce- up, these are the top living room trends right now.

1. Eye-Catching Wallpaper

In case you haven’t heard, wallpaper is making a comeback! To design a gorgeous living room you should focus on bold-eye-catching wallpaper. Right now it’s all about wallpaper in botanical prints or large and colorful murals. You can even purchase 3D wallpaper, to add real depth to your walls. Mural wallpaper comes in many different styles, you’ll be able to find eye-catching forest scenes or bold cityscapes. If that’s not your kind of thing why not try textured wallpaper? This wallpaper is usually made by hand, and can add a unique touch to your room.

2. Gallery Wall

Want to create a trendy-looking living room? You simply must create a gallery wall! But what exactly is a gallery wall? As the name suggests, it means designing a wall that resembles an art gallery, the idea is to creatively arrange a large number of different pieces of art, hung up in frames. That’s the basic idea behind a gallery wall, and besides this, you can make the concept your own. You might choose one type of art, or mix lots of different types all altogether?  Some people create a neatly arranged wall, while others go for a messy and experimental look.

3 . Grand Millennial Decor

Grand millennial is a design style that poses a contrast to minimalism, it’s all about using bright colors and applying plenty of contrasting textures and patterns. The idea is to fuse vintage styles with modern features and objects. To decor, in this style, you’ll need to use textures such as fringe, pleats, or ruffles. There should be a focus on abstract artwork that makes a statement. The style is about rejecting the simple decor of minimalism, and daring to go bold.

4. Hardwood Flooring

If you’re keen to create an elegant living room, hardwood flooring is a great design choice. Not only are these floors beautiful, but they are also very durable and high-quality. There are lots of different types of hardwood flooring that you can choose from. The type that you choose will depend on your chosen design styles and your color schemes. A few different material options include maple, red oak, or tigerwood. To browse a range of beautiful flooring options, take a look at Canadian flooring.

5. Oversized Plants

Designing a lovely living room is all about creating the jungle effect, oversized plants are all the rage right now. When you’re choosing plants, ensure that you think about space. It’s best not to pack too many plants into a smaller living room. Need some ideas about which plants to choose? Some gorgeous options include bamboo, lemon tree, rubber tree plant, or money tree. All of these can get pretty oversized, plus they are easy to look after.

With the help of these top living room trends, you’ll create a gorgeous and ambient space. Creating the perfect living room is all about designing a space that you can relax in. Before you start decorating it’s a good idea to declutter your home. Having a decluttering session can give you more space to work with.

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