Where Should You Travel To In The States? My Suggestions

When it comes to travel, we can all have those common places stored on a physical or mental bucket list. However, when it comes to the USA, you can be quite spoilt for choice. There are some great places, and many places on your bucket list will probably be in the states. But I wanted to share with you some of the places I think are worth being adding to your travel bucket list, if they are not already on there.

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Effective Ways To Give Your Antique Jewelry A Spring Clean

Antique items are precious and delicate. Once you get your hands on one you love, you’ll want to do everything you can to treat it with care. Finding a way to clean it that’s as delicate as the jewelry itself is essential to doing so.

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My favorite holiday and a happy spring feeling

Who doesn’t like the time when everything wakes up and and comes to life? I even remember the times when I heard and believed that people mostly fall in love in spring and there I was hoping that maybe in this season, I’ll meet someone special…, but here I am – celebrating Easter and welcoming spring with the love of my life! ❤☺ (And no, we didn’t meet and fall in love in spring, but in winter ☺.)

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How I made my hubby’s birthday special (at Couple’s Resort, Ontario, Canada)

My husband deserves all the stars in the sky ❤. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard for me to make it happen so for his birthday I took him to Couple’s Resort in Whitney, ON, Canada. I got him some engraved gifts and made a birthday cake (my first birthday cake) so I’ll say that it’s almost like at least a couple of stars from the sky 😃.

A short video of our stay ☺

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Tips And Tricks For Decorating With Roman Blinds

Windows are the most important part of any room. They need to provide as much natural light and ventilation as possible. Fortunately, Roman blinds allow you to adjust the air and light as needed. They also frame windows and emphasize them against your décor and colored palette. Here are some tips and tricks to using Roman blinds in your home.

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