72 Hours At Bayview Wildwood Resort {Video}

72 Hours At Bayview Wildwood Resort {Video}

While creating this video, I smiled so many times. I couldn’t help it. It took me back to our stay at Bayview Wildwood Resort. I’m so happy that the weather was on our side. Unfortunately, we don’t always have luck when it comes to it. Besides that, the food was mouthwatering and still is when I watch this video. I wish I could go back there and eat those potatoes :).

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Fall Weekend Getaway At Bayview Wildwood Resort

Fall Weekend Getaway At Bayview Wildwood Resort

When I was a little girl, I used to wait till all the leaves fall. When that happens, the fun begins! I just like kicking the leaves or even jump in the stack of them a lot. And no, no one is too old for that! 🙂

When the opportunity came to spend the romantic fall getaway, I was all in! My first thought was of the leaves. Now not only I can do it, but I can do it with my beloved.

We had a very lovely time at the Bayview Wildwood Resort. We had a pleasure to have some very delicious meals and go for a long walk surrounded by beautiful trees.

All the clothes we’re wearing I linked up for you below this post 🙂

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Who Has More Glasses? {Video}

Today, I’ve published on my YouTube channel a video, where my husband is joining me to talk about our eyeglasses and sunglasses. I’m very happy he did it with me, because it has turned out pretty funny! 🙂

If you’d like to find out whose glasses are cleaner: mine or my husband’s and who has more glasses, you need to watch this.

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5 Things I Need This Fall

5 Things I Need This Fall

Fall has started, but actually now I can really see it out of the window and I’m super happy about it. I know, it’s gloomy, dark and cold, but I like this, I can stay cozy at home, light some candles, take out the blanket and “cuddle-snuggle” with my hubby :). That’s my favorite thing!

Yes, fall is my favorite season like I wrote here and you know it. With the new season, I would like to share with you my necessities for these charmingly gloomy days.

My leather jacket

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