30 Canadian Small Businesses To Support

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve decided to share 30 Canadian small businesses. As far as I am concerned, especially during these difficult times we live in right now, they need our support and we need their products :).

happy canada day
My little Canadian ๐Ÿ™‚

1. isleptsowell.com

Sleep is the most important when it comes to strengthening our immune systems. In order to sleep well, we need some great bedding. Here comes isleptsowell.com with their finest premium bedding products.

2. Iakkai Kids Shop

At Iakki Kids Shop you can find so many adorable, useful, practical or “just for fun things” for your kids. Perfect selection and every parent find something they’d want to buy for their little ones.

3. Mei Designs

If you’re looking for some awesome and sassy mugs (and not only), that’s the place you should go to: Mei Designs.

4. Free Flow Lifestyle

Sustainable activewear, which makes you exercise more – that’s how I feel when I wear it :). Free Flow Lifestyle offers clothes for men and women so everyone finds something for themselves.

5. Ramona Shoppe

Handcrafted jewelry in gold, silver, and selected gemstones is what Ramona is known for. Simple shapes and the timeless elegance of clean forms.

6. Bee Savvy Hives & Honey

Beekeepers and makers are behind Bee Savvy Hives & Honey so you know you are at the right place if you’re looking for honey itself or products, such as: lotion bar or body balm. They also offered a coupon code for 20% off for my readers: SIMPLE20 :).

7. Kaju Creations

Handcrafted polymer clay jewelry with the mission to bring joy and self-confidence. Kaju Creations pieces are carefully designed to be super lightweight and hypoallergenic.

8. Anchored Collective

Anchored Collective is mother-daughter duo that spreads love, positivity, and inspiration in a fun and creative way. Inspired apparel and gifts created with intention. Also, every purchase has a purpose: 10% of all profits goes directly to Adeara Recovery Center.

9. Feather & Pearl

Feather & Pearl is a place where you can find some beautiful things all bridal and boudoir. Even though, I got married some time ago, I still can find some beautiful things at their store and I’m sure you will too :).

10. Bloom & Blossom Designs

Whether you want a customized crewneck or get one for your grandpa, Bloom & Blossom Designs is the store you’re looking for. It also offers some other cute pieces to wear, as well.

11. Suzy Bees Wraps

I love using reusable beeswax food wraps (instead of using more plastic…). You can find some very cute ones at Suzy Bees Wraps and not only :). You can also get some cute face masks at this store, which we all should wear nowadays.

12. emBoss Babes

If you saw my latest post, click here, where I wrote about anniversary, I’m sure you’ve noticed beautiful cookies we received for this occasion. emBoss Babes make the most delicious and beautiful cookies you can find.

13. Canadian Frost

Headwraps, beanies and more are found at Canadian Frost. They are handmade by small and talented team of seamstresses, knitters & crocheters and made with the most luxurious fibres and eco-friendly fabrics on the planet.

14. The Land Of Oz Design

At The Land Of Oz Design you’ll find beautiful and handmade bow clips, headbands and snap clips. Something for a little girl in your life :).

15. Oteas

If you like drinking tea from time to time like me, you need to try Oteas. They have high-quality tea that tastes delicious!

16. Aviro Baby Boutique

Modern, natural and functional products for babies. Aviro Baby Boutique has many adorable and beautifully made teethers, pacifier clips, bibs and more.

17. EllowDee

EllowDee offers beautiful custom nursery art: a wide range of printed, woven and painted pieces. Something every mama would love to have, I bet. Perfect as a gift and a keepsake.

18. MNML CO.

All of MNML CO. products will minimize waste on the planet for a healthier, cleaner environment. Their items are sustainable and will decrease both your waste, and cost spent in the long run.

19. Jaxed Jeans

Hand distressed, dyed & bleached denim for kids is what Jaxed Jeans offers. Their denim is upcycled and newly sourced. Lots of great and unique designs.

20. Yumba

Delicious meals delivered right to your door. Yumba‘s mission is to eliminate food waste. Also, every week you can try something new and I cannot recommend them enough.

21. Alora

Hand making and curating gorgeous jewelry for the everyday woman to feel unique, empowered and beautiful is what Alora does. Their jewelry is stunning and meaningful.

22. Shortie Cakes

If you’re looking for some sprinkle, Shortie Cakes should be your first stop. A wide range of sweetness to decorate your cakes, cookies and more! On top of that, they offered 10% off your entire order, using the code: ULA10 :).

23. Little Grapefruit

Little Grapefruit produces fun, stylish and comfortable booties for little ones using colorful velvets, linens and a broad variety of unique and trendy patterns.

24. ela

Ela‘s handbags and accessories with a high level of craftsmanship, and a signature aesthetic are “designed for real lifeโ€ฆ and every moment in between”. Also, they are made with vegan leather.

25. Copper Hill

Created by two passionate individuals, Copper Hill offers wide variety of apparels and home decor. They also have a new tye die collection, which is pretty cute!

26. Savรถr

From crackers to cheese, maple syrup to olives, Savรถr offers a wide variety of high-quality, natural, and organic products. I’m a huge fan of their coffee, barbecue sauce and popcorn!

27. Baby Bibi

Baby Bibi offers the high-quality baby and kid items with unique designs that can not be found in your average baby store. Lily is a huge fan of their books :).

28. Divine Remedy

Divine Remedy is created by Certified Aromatherapist, a Registered Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Reader & Healer, Master Manifester and Motivational Speaker. I wrote about some of her products, here, but you can find way more items and resources on her website. She also has some exciting sales for Canada Day :).

29. Niyama Yoga Wellness

I’ve included their products, here and I use them almost every day myself. Niyama Yoga Wellness offers natural plant-based health supplements that are vegan and non-gmo.

30. Sweet Pieces Bakery

I left something sweet for the end :). If you remember my post about my birthday, here, I shared there my beautiful and so delicious birthday cake. It was made by Sweet Pieces Bakery. If you’re looking for cupcakes or cakes, that should be your number one stop.

All the pictures (except two of Lily) in this post are owned by mentioned stores.

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  1. You are presenting some interesting shops in your post. In Denmark the consciousness still has to grow a lot. They still fill the most wonderful natural source water into plastic bottles … ๐Ÿ™

    1. That’s so sad ๐Ÿ˜”, I hope it’ll get better everywhere! ๐Ÿ’—

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