Walking down the memory lane

Before this weekend starts, I’d like to take some time and write about my last weekend :).

On Friday, as usual, together with my husband, we did grocery and surprisingly, it didn’t take a lot of time for us and it’s because there weren’t a lot of people. We both don’t like crowds so that worked out perfectly. What is the best time to do the grocery for you? 🙂

Grocery wasn’t that important like the fact that my husband came up with an idea:

– “Love, how about we wake up early in the morning tomorrow, take some snacks and head to Niagara Falls via Niagara-on-the-lake?”- my hubby said

– “Hmmm, do you want to go the same way and to the same place, like we did last year for our engagement and then for our honeymoon? :)” – I excitedly responded

– “Yes love!”

– “Awww, love, that’s so sweet 😍… let’s go then… 😃” After a couple of minutes (me again): “But wait, what I’m going to wear, am I ready? I need to iron my dress, what jewelry I’m going to wear, sunglasses…?!” – my husband just looked at me and didn’t say a word, because he knows how I am and my “panic attacks” 😆 and after I said: “ya, never mind, let’s go love!” 😃


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Keeping Your Personal Finances Afloat

Personal finance can often cause you a headache, especially when money is tight and you are under pressure. There is a wealth of advice on the australia.gov.au website for all sorts of financial situations, including financial debts that may be of assistance to you if you are currently experiencing difficulties. You need to remember that yours is not a unique situation if you are in debt, and there are plenty of other people with similar experiences to your own. It is also important to remember that there is help available to everyone that is experiencing financial difficulties and there is plenty of advice available.

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Can’t Stand The Heat? 5 Ways To Stay Cool At Home This Summer

Summer is in full swing, the sun is blazing hot outside, and you are desperate to cool down. You head indoors hoping to get a little solace from Earth’s burning star, but your home is no escape. It’s as hot indoors as it is outdoors. What are you supposed to do? Short of taking a bath filled with ice or sticking your head in the refrigerator for an hour, there are other, perhaps more sensible things you can do when the weather gets you down. Here are five ways to stay cool at home this summer.

You’re going to need a bigger fan (image source)

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The story of my first glasses and why I chose Zeelool

For a couple of years, I wasn’t able to see things which were far and I was terrified about the fact of wearing glasses. That’s why I was always avoiding a visit to the eye doctor. One day though, my husband convinced me (he wears glasses since he was a little and cute 🙂 boy ❤) and took me with him for to the optometrist and my life has changed forever… I’ve found out that my husband and I have (almost) the same astigmatism in one eye and the doctor was amazed by that, because he said it happens very rarely that two people have the same one (and are so close to each other 🙂 ). Also (the real reason my life has changed 😀 ), I’ve found out that, of course, I need to wear glasses, not always, but whenever I want to see things far. Wow, let me tell you, the world with glasses on is so much nicer and clearer! 🙂

My glasses

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Why Isn’t My Diet Working? 3 New Answers To An Old Question

It happens to everyone. You start a new diet and then a week or a month later realize that you’re not seeing any effect at all. Your diet simply isn’t working. This can be frustrating, and it might even make you consider giving up altogether. But you have to remember that if you started a diet, you will have had a good reason. Perhaps you were trying to improve your health for your family. Or, maybe you were eager to regain your confidence from your youth? Whatever the reason you need to keep pushing forward. But first, you need to find out why your diet has failed.

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