5 Tips For a Better Sleep

Earlier in my life, I didn’t have difficulties with falling asleep. However, with age, I’ve noticed that it’s harder to go straight to bed when you still, for instance, have so much on your mind. After I got married, together with my husband, we noticed that there are things we do each and every day, which help us fall asleep quicker and sleep better.

Here are the tips to make it happen:

My diffuser is from Organic Aromas

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3 Reasons Prescription Sunglasses Are A Must

I’m sure you remember this post where I shared my story of my first glasses. I have to tell you that I got so comfortable with wearing glasses that I look forward every day to match a pair with my outfit. I only had a problem during this summer, because sometimes when I was leaving the house, I had sunglasses on, but I kept on forgetting about my eyeglasses. Sometimes thanks to my hubby, I was taking both, but it was a little annoying to be switching from one pair to the other. I had to do something about it and again, Zeelool came to aid.

Zeelool is a place where you can find very affordable and fashionable prescription glasses and sunglasses, that’s why it was the first place I thought of when I wanted to get prescription sunglasses. Also, my husband convinced me how important it is to have sunglasses for all seasons, especially in summer when UV is very high, but also in winter, spring and fall.

My sunglasses

I’ve looked more into this and here are 3 reasons that prescription sunglasses are a must:

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My Easy Guacamole Recipe

One thing that I’m looking forward on weekends is when my hubby and I take out our favorite chips, make our own guacamole and watch a movie. We must have it at least one evening, whether it’s Friday, Saturday or Sunday. When I was making guacamole last weekend, I though I’d share it with you guys, because as far as I know it’s always good to share and since cooking and preparing food is something I really enjoy doing, it has to be on my blog, as well :).

I promise you the smell and taste of this guacamole will make you speechless!

Attention: this recipe is very easy!

I’m using my Immersion Blender & Electric Spiralizer from Chefman

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