Friday’s Five: Smell Is The Sense Of Memory And Desire

I feel like in today’s blog post, it all comes to our sense of smell. Well, let’s be honest, nothing is more memorable than a smell. Am I right?! 🙂

1. True North Organic Luxury

Do you like subscription boxes that offer you products that are worth way more than what you pay? If you answered yes, then you need to know about The Maple Box! I love them, because their boxes are full of natural and organic products. Mostly about 6-10 of them for inspired wellness for the season, plus the latest issue of Maple magazine. What’s not to love?! In their latest autumn box, you can also find their exclusive candle, which smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Perfect for this time of the year. Last, but not least they not only ship to Canada, United States, but to many other countries, as well! 🙂

2. More Than A Candle

Speaking of the candles, I’ve found this great company – Lume Luxe that offers candles that you can customize yourself. How cool is that?! Not only they smell beautiful, but also look very chic and would enhance any space at your home from the moment you take them out of the box. I know what I’m writing here, because I experienced it myself :).

The company has offered my readers a discount code: simpleula25 that will give you 25% off! 🙂

3. Delicious Coffee With Great Philosophy

Writing all about the smells and drinking a cup of coffee right now, I couldn’t not write for you guys about this amazing one. Montaneros Coffee has an exceptional quality, but what I like a lot about them is this:

Our coffee is produced sustainably, allowing for harmony with nature. Our farms are surrounded by streams and tropical forests, which give each harvest the unique attributes of the region. For us, climate change is top of mind. To grow coffee sustainable, we also grow cocoa, plantain, banana, avocado, and native trees. We manage pests and disease organically. We do not use pesticides.”

4. Beauty Products Infused With Tea

I like drinking matcha a lot, but now I also put it on my face :). I know, it sounds strange, but it’s actually a good thing. Teaology offers Matcha Pore Cleansing Stick, which cleanses, smooths, and minimizes pores. All in all, I like it and it does make a difference, even though I’ve started using it not long time ago.

5. Team Sweats Or Dresses?

Which team are you on? I’ve been on a team loungewear sets for a very long time now and would love to put on some dresses, because why not?! 🙂

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