How To Save Money On Medication Every Single Year

The amount of money you can spend on medication per year will stun you. So many common health concerns require prescription medication as a form of treatment, meaning you have no choice but to buy it. Take allergies, for example, you could spend hundreds of dollars on antihistamines and nasal sprays just to calm your symptoms. Then, you have things like birth control pills, which are also extremely expensive. The bottom line is that medication can cost a fortune – even if you aren’t sick with a disease of any kind.

As you can imagine, for people with long-term medical conditions, the cost of medication is even higher. Is there a way for you to save money on this essential expense? Yes, in fact, there are a few ideas you might consider.

Order From Online Pharmacies

A lot of the time, online pharmacies can provide much cheaper prescriptions than you get from your local one. This is partially because of the way online pharmacy businesses are run, and also partially because some of these companies are based in different countries. If you live in the US and can find pharmacies in Canada that ship to US, it will be cheaper than buying from a local US pharmacy. This is because it’s more affordable to get medication for pharmacies in Canada – and various other countries. So, opting for mail-order medication from a trusted online pharmacy could help you save a lot of money per year.

Move To A Different Country

It’s far from ideal, but you could be better off moving to another country if your medication bill is so high. There are countries out there, like the UK, that have free medical services for all. This means that you can get many prescriptions for free if you go to a doctor. In other countries, the systems are different, but it could still mean that the cost of medication is a lot cheaper than it is here. If your life depends on the medication, this might be a move that’s good for you.

Seek Out Natural Alternatives

Finally, you could lower the cost of medication by looking for natural alternatives. Going back to the allergies example, you could use honey to calm your symptoms. It’s been used for generations, and it is much cheaper than buying allergy medicine. As another example, imagine you have high blood pressure. Instead of relying on your drugs to help you, change to a healthier lifestyle and you will naturally lower your blood pressure. You’ll be amazed at how many health problems can be solved if you just lived healthier or tried to look for natural alternatives to medication.

You see, it is possible to save money on medication while still getting help for any issues you have. Clearly, the final point in this post is the most important. Some diseases and health problems can’t be prevented and might be inherited. However, a number of them can so easily be stopped or avoided if you live a healthy lifestyle and are more conscious about your health. Thus, you won’t need to pay for any medication.

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2 thoughts

  1. between health insurance delays and govt bureaucracy, paying for necessary medication meant digging into savings for exorbitantly priced meds. Funny, after “being approved”, same meds were 15% of the out of pocket previously. What do others do without “insurance”?

  2. “You’ll be amazed at how many health problems can be solved if you just lived healthier or tried to look for natural alternatives to medication.” Great tip – but easier said than done. I know lot of people who struggle with their health, complain about how they feel. They say they would like to get rid of their unhealthy habits but they’re not willing to take any action.

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