Friday’s Five: Travel Essentials

I’m a huge enthusiast of travelling at the end of summer and beginning of fall (rather than during summer). Why? So many reasons, but for one, the temperatures are lower. I’m sorry, but I can’t enjoy anything when I have to fight with the hotness of my entire body (lol). Two, less people (tourist) in popular places. I do not like big crowds. Lots of people = I’m out! Three, bigger chance to get a better hotel (less people visiting/staying) and even sometimes better deal :).

1. Auto Backup While Charging

I’m not sure if I ever shared this with you before, but there was one time when I lost ALL of my pictures I had on my laptop and they were unretrievable. I was heartbroken and even though it happened many years ago, I’m still sad about it. Nevertheless, you sure know that I’ll do everything so it won’t happen ever again!

I’ve recently found out about Qubii, a backup device for iPhone and iPad that works with your phone’s charger. You can use it as a thumb drive as well as by plugging it into your computer. It is so convenient and small that it’s especially perfect when travelling! It can backup your photos and videos to a micro-SD memory card while you’re charging your phone. You can do it all securely offline. Qubii also supports backups with Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and more! I appreciate the fact that it always picks up right when it left off. I don’t always have time to wait extra so it is super suitable for me. Plus, the unlimited external storage is a big advantage! Unlike any other solutions with a recurring monthly charges, Qubii stores your data onto a microSD card (with storage capacity up to 2TB) that can be replaced once full.

2. Comfort Is Very Important To Me

Speaking of being comfortable, I need start with the bra, because we, as women, dream about taking it off for the whole day, don’t we?! That’s why in order not to get there and survive the whole day in one, it is important to find one that fits you best and IS comfy! My number one (lately) is this Back Appeal® Wire Free T-Shirt Bra by Wacoal®. It looks perfectly under a t-shirt or any other garment you’re wearing and is wire free with contour and very supportive cups. Every time I wear it, it feels great and there’s no rush for me to take if off at the end of the day.

Some of you might think now why wear a bra in the first place? Well, trust me, whenever and wherever I can, I’m not only wire free, but bra free :).

3. Portable And Foldable Picnic Table

While road tripping, my family and I love taking a break and enjoying a snack or a meal that was made before our trip at home by all of us :). That being said, we really love having this portable foldable picnic table that is so easy to carry and set up in just few minutes! It is also great for the backyard whenever we feel like having lunch outside. If you’re like us, you’ll love it too :).

4. Our Silk Pillowcases

I don’t know if you’ve seen me sharing about the silk pillowcases on my Instagram recently, but once my daughter and I slept on one, there’s no coming back for us (to cotton, linen or any other material) :). Especially my Lily, I don’t think she would fall asleep on any other pillow than her own. Well, my hubby and I never tried it before and I don’t think we will! 🙂 We just take our pillowcases (for Lily – her pillow, as well) and that’s how we feel the best at any other place than our home (like at a hotel) :). If you’d like to try yourself, I can highly recommend these pillowcases from Blush Silks :).

5. The World Is Big…

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