Before You Buy Your Next Winter Boots

Before You Buy Your Next Winter Boots

Weather we like it or not, winter is coming.

Last year, I purchased new winter boots. Very nice ones, waterproof and fashionable. I thought that I made a great choice. I couldn’t be more wrong. They were very narrow and actually not completely waterproof. I even have to use my bunion corrector now, because of wearing those shoes. I told myself that I won’t make the same mistake this year.

I chose Bogs Footwear company and even though I wore my new shoes only a couple of times, I’m already a very “happy camper” :).


My experience brought me here to help you avoid mistakes I made in the past.

Here are my three top tips you need to consider before buying your new pair of winter boots:

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Why Perfume Is My Essential Accessory

Why Perfume Is My Essential Accessory

We have five basic senses, but smell is the most powerful one. It evokes very powerful memories of the events and people you love. It’s a great tool to have. As far as I am concerned, perfume gives you the opportunity to say: this is my identity, who I am or  who I want to be. This is what I want people to remember me by.

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Many Advantages of Purchasing Jewelry Online

There isn’t very much that you can’t buy online these days, as the Internet is fast becoming the most popular platform for shoppers worldwide. E-commerce has grown exponentially over the past few years, with more secure online payment gateways that offer the online consumer added confidence and if you have yet to join the many millions who do their jewelry shopping online, here are a few reasons why it makes perfect sense.


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What I Pack For The Fall Weekend Getaway

In less than two weeks, my husband and I are going for a romantic fall getaway. I cannot be more excited about it, since fall is my favorite season! I’ve already started to think about what I should pack. I thought that it’ll be a great idea to share with you guys what is going to be in my suitcase. I’ll do my best not to overpack as I almost always do, lol.


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