If you’re already here, read.

I’m Polish, but should I really write in Polish?diary-968592_960_720

I feel like more people could read it when it’s written in English and most of the Polish people know English anyway so I hope I’ll have some polish readers here as well.

So, let’s begin.

My name’s Ula and I aspire every day to have a simple life. Simple life, meaning a lot of things which if you stay here with me, you’ll find out. Remember though that still you won’t know exactly what that means for me, but I hope we’ll find some things in common and you’ll visit me again and again and again.

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332 thoughts on “If you’re already here, read.

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  2. Hi Ula,
    Much gratitude to you for following Geoidhead. I must admit, I lost track of time on your blog; sooo much content that’s interesting and enlightening as well. I love the categories ‘Motivations’ and ‘Travel’; Suwalki is now on my ‘To Go’ list :)….There’s a lot of wealth in simplicity really and you’re an exponent of that fact.

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