Moving Nests: Destress & Declutter The Process

Every move to somewhere new means a fresh start. It’s a beautiful thing, really, but we’re often too caught up in the stress factor that usually comes with significant changes – and unwinding becomes increasingly difficult. We’re trying to say goodbye to one part of our lives while also opening the door to a completely new beginning, but why does it have to feel so painful?

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Treat yourself to these simple yet effective ways to regain a sense of internal peace in the middle of your chaotic living room floor. While it may look like a mess around you for a few days before moving, you can still keep a quiet and steady mind.

Here is a generous handful of the best ways to keep calm and move on – to your new home


Sell as much as possible

Earthly belongings wear us down, and nothing seems more tranquil and easy-going as heading off with your belongings in a loosely tied blanket tied onto a stick like Snufkin. He has everything he needs in there and, as long as he can set up a tent and play his harmonica until the sun sets, he’ll be perfectly happy with life.

You too can gain this enviable sense of carelessness as long as you get rid of some of your stuff. Technology makes it easy, by the way, and sites such as Letgo turns the process of selling your stuff into an uncomplicated game. It’s a hyperlocal app with the same style as Craigslist so it should be easy enough to understand.

You may want to head off to your new home with more than just a tent and your harmonica but still; wouldn’t it be nice if that’s all we need to be happy?


Don’t pay too much for moving

That moving house is a stressful time of our lives is something many companies manage to make a profit on. You want it to be over with quickly, safely, and without too much hassle – you have enough to do as it is, after all, so you may be willing to settle for the first quote you get.

Don’t do it, though, as you can easily compare quotes without having to go through the process yourself. For every action is a reaction and other companies have found ways to stop the hired vans from eating all our money; check out and get started on finding the best price right away – it will feel so much better once you’ve settled in.

Pack a box of essentials

Our stress levels tend to be a bit higher right before the big day, so we may forget to care about our future selves – you know, the one who is going to unlock the front door to her new home in a short day or two.

Give yourself a break after all the work and make sure you have a box of essentials ready at hand to avoid having to rummage through everything in the evening. There is an excellent list on so have a look and take notes to assemble your own.

Include bed sheets, a couple of plates, cutlery and other cooking equipment, as well everything you need for the bathroom. That way, you get to unwind completely when the move is over and may challenge yourself to start unpacking the day after.

Find ways to unwind and relax

Whatever you do, moving house is likely to be a stressful experience at one point or another. There is only so much you can do to limit this and so, therefore, it’s important that you look after yourself. This means finding ways to help you relax, both throughout the process and once it is done (as this is often when we unnecessarily hold onto the stress).

For some people, this might mean having a few long baths. Others will want to use things like CBD or THC, in which case they might want to use a vape that contains active delta 8 THC. Some people like to exercise to help them relax, whilst others like putting their feet up and watching some television with a few glasses of wine. Whatever works for you is fine, just make sure to devote some time to do it.

Stressless moves are hard to come by but within reach when you let technology help you out.

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  1. I don’ t know in order to Canada process and if you’re living in Europe, a important bubble, speculation is rife and real state agents, they buy commissions and fees around 20-35 % and when you got a nice business , The government want around 30 % at least about sell price and you can lost money when you get it. Only money to governments.
    Moving could be a nice experience more if you’ve got wayfarer feelings!

  2. Know to well about the stress when you’re moving. We are now moving next weekend. Second time in a month, and I’m still tired after the first!!! But lucky for us most of our stuff is still in cases and boxes👍👍

  3. Why don’t i get this much like in just 27 min.
    Your post are so easy and connected to everyone i guess
    Dimg great job and not ashamed of saying that i learn from your know like ,how to blog.

  4. Very useful – thank you. I think I’ll give Letgo a go 😉
    Like you said, you can treat it like a game, as long as you plan in advance and allow enough time so that it’s not a stressful process.

  5. Great tips! Moving can really feel overwhelming so it is very important to assess what we need and really want to keep and sell the rest. I never really thought about selling stuff during a move but that is a great idea and an excellent way of removing some of the clutter. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  6. Moving house is my favourite “fresh start” in life! The decluttering process during packing, finding new homes for your trinkets in your new place and setting up furniture, and everything in the new house is, well, “new” lol. Besides major life milestones such as the birth of a child, not many moments in life offer this level of feeling cleansed 🙂

  7. Great post Ula. I have recently downsized from a 3 bed house to one room at my parents house. They are in need of a bit of support and it felt like the right thing to do. It was quite difficult getting rid of stuff, but also freeing. xx

  8. I moved cross-country a few months ago. Moving from a single family home to an apartment in NYC meant we had to downsize without question, but getting rid of a lot of things actually calmed me down and made me realize how little we actually need to function.

  9. I read once that moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can do.

    Good list of things to consider and make the whole thing a lot simpler.

    Nice one.

  10. Oh boy I now what you mean all too well when it comes to the big day bring your stress to new levels lol. but once settled in there’s so much to be happy about and enjoy. Happy New Years!

  11. Great post! I move very often. My husband and I have lived in 4 states combined since being together, we are moving to our 5th. Packing the essentials is very important when moving. My husband and I have been lucky to be able to drive our essentials in suitcases while the rest of our life is in storage. Thank you for sharing this post!

  12. “Sell as much as possible” that one really got to me! I’m moving out soon and I think I have a tendency to be a little too emotionally attached to random things. I think I’d be better off letting some things go.
    Nice post! 😊😊

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