My Beautiful 30th Birthday At Hockley Valley Resort

The day started with a kiss and birthday wishes from my husband. I knew right then that it will be one of the best days in my life. In the afternoon, I’ve also received so many more sweet messages from my hubby, friends and family.

In the evening my love and I drove to a wonderful Ontario luxury spa resort Hockley Valley Resort. We checked in and checked out our alluring room. We were very impressed with the stuff and accommodation. Once we got dressed, we headed to have dinner and were sitted at the chef’s counter. Cabin 1865 turned out to be one of the most amazing restaurants we’ve ever been to.


Tip: If there’s an opportunity to sit at a chef’s counter, take it. It’s always fun to see “behind the scenes” of a kitchen.

Right now thinking and trying to write about the dishes we had, I’m getting very hungry. I wish I had something from that night, but it’s ok, I’ll try to make something as magically delicious as we were served :).

We had an amazing opportunity to try so many delicious meals that I think my husband and I were just in some “foodie heaven”. The combination of sweet and spicy (squash and chilli – what a great pair!), salty and sweet or just basil pesto (which tasted so fresh) were so mouthwatering. Then, beet caprese, (oh who doesn’t love beets?) with Ontario buffalo mozzarella, organic arugula, Aqua Greens basil pesto, toasted pine nuts, Adamo Estate olive oil and saba. Also, for the first time we were served a spicy hand-made pasta and ravioli by restaurant’s chef Iniyan Vijay himself. The shrimps in it were so delicious!





After, we had our mango palate cleanser and a little break to make some room for the entrées. I ordered “pan roasted chicken, roasted squash – caramelized onion & spinach stuffing, mascarpone mash, roasted farm parsnip, sautéed greens and sage jus”. The chicken tasted so good that I had to share it with my hubby as he shared his main dish with me, of course. He had “Grilled Ontario grass-fed rib eye, “tagliata style”, truffle celeriac crema, rosemary & garlic scented fingerling potatoes, roasted root vegetable, banana pepper salsa, rapini and pink peppercorn jus”. He’s still in awe how delicious it was and it was the best main dish at the restaurant he has ever had – these are his exact words :).





Next came dessert and most of the time, I’m not a huge fun of them, because they’re too sweet for me. I’m not used to so much sugar. Cabin 1865 has the best desserts and I ate them with pleasure. Even though, my love and I were so full :). Luckily, I didn’t gain weight after our stay at Hockley Valley Resort :).


As you know, my hubby surprised me already with my birthday gift, I wrote about it here. It didn’t stop him to make another surprise for me though. Along with a sweet birthday card, he gave me 25 fresh, pink and beautiful roses from Luxury Flower Boxes. The smell of them filled our room so beautifully that when we came back from our dinner, we were astonished by it.



My dress is from Shein


After our pleasant sleep on a cozy bed, we went for the buffet breakfast. There were a lot of people, but one of the staff took us to a separate room so actually we were far from all the noise. That was super nice.


There were so many choices, but we went with our favorites: eggs, potatoes and frittata. Then, some fruits, pancakes and oatmeal. Everything was very fresh and delectable.


We ended our stay at the spa with an amazing couple’s massage. We were taken to a profound relaxation and well-being. Something we could experience together for the very first time in our lives :).


I cannot believe that I’m actually writing about my own birthday, because it sounds like a fairytale. I know that for some people, it might be something very “normal”. I, on the other hand, never thought that I’ll be in such beautiful and luxurious place with the person that I love so much.

Like I said on my birthday to my husband, I’ll write it here, as well. The best gift I’ve ever got is the man by my side who loves me as much as I love him.


Our room and view:




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  1. Happy Birthday! You had such a glorious time , the weather was spectacular, you and your husband looked fabulous and great, gorgeous flowers to boot from Venus ET Fleur! This was such a memorable occasion: thank you for sharing your precious moments with us (me)!👑

  2. Why? Why? Why? 😥😥 😢
    Now, I want to get married! 😥😥😥
    Happy Birthday to you. Wishing you long life and prosperity.

  3. Happy birthday! Your article and pictures are wonderful! And the food looked super delicious. I know you’ll remember this special birthday for years to come. Congratulations! 🎊🎈🎉🍾

  4. Happy Birthday! These are things that make a marriage awesome! Never stop doing them. I always feel like I am on a date with my wife and we have been together for 18 years. She looks as awesome to me today as she did the first time I saw her. Never stop dating, married or not!

  5. Happy birthday, dear Ula, you are now to be counted among the adults … 😉
    The man at your side is a gem! But you are not so bad yourself … 😉 😀
    I wish for the both you, that you will have many happy years together!

  6. Oh wow, you’re right in writing that “it sounds like a fairytale”, how amazing! I think I said it before but huuuuge congratulations & happy birthday. Thanks for sharing more of your day with us and the photos are fantastic, definitely memories to keep forever (just like the wonderful guy you have by your side).  ♥
    Caz xx

  7. I love fairy tales and you made it happen… so hold the vision and allow each day to be magical…❤️ much love to you and here’s to celebrating your birthday… loved the pink flowers and dress. Barbara x

  8. Many happy returns of the day, happy birthday to you.. belated I presume..

    You look absolutely stunning.. it’s really nice to see the beautiful pictures of you and your beloved. Stay happy and blessed. Happy birthday again.

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