How To Protect Your Home From Bugs And Beasties

Ants, wasps, flies, and roaches; just a few of the bugs and beasties that you probably won’t be keen on welcoming into your home. While it is next to impossible to keep every tiny miscreant away from your property – every time you open your front door, you can guarantee at least one little menace will make their way in – you can still take the appropriate measures to protect your home from a deluge of these unwelcome house guests.

#1: Secure Your Entry Points

Windows, vents, pipes, chimneys, gaps in the roof… these are just a few of the entry points that are an open invitation to any bug or beastie looking to enjoy your home with you. You need to look for possible trouble spots and seal them, such as making the necessary repairs to your roof and using caulk to seal any small gaps around your property, or steel wool for anything larger.

#2: Keep A Clean Home

Even the cleanest of homes can attract bugs, of course, but roaches, in particular, thrive in filthy conditions, and ants and flies will make a beeline to your dirty dishes. Your garbage areas can also be problematic because the smell of rotting food and wet paper will appeal to flies and roaches, respectively. Of course, to achieve a healthy home, cleanliness has to be your priority anyway. But if you don’t want to share your house with any miniature miscreants, you really do need to vacuum and clean your surfaces regularly, wash and put away your dishes, and toss out the trash on a fairly regular basis.

#3: Don’t Provide A Bug Buffet

How do you get rid of a human party guest who has long outstayed his welcome? You put away the food and drinks, of course, as this will give them less incentive to stick around. Consider the same for any potential insectile house guests, as they are less likely to stop by for a nibble if there is nothing for them to nibble on. So, make every effort to clean up food and drink spills when they happen. Seal any open foods with clingfilm, and store them in your refrigerator. And when discarding food into the trash, seal them first, as this might eliminate the scent that will attract wasps and flies.

#4: Keep A Dry Home

Certain types of insect gravitate towards damp areas and pools of standing water, including cockroaches, ants, and earwigs. So, take the relevant steps, such as dampproofing any problematic areas, fixing any leaks with the help of a plumber, and going back to your dishes, emptying your sink of standing water, so no sneaky pests are tempted to use it as a drinking fountain.

#5: Call The Professionals

When there’s something strange invading your home, who are you gonna call? No, not the Ghostbusters, unless your home really is haunted. You need to call a pest control company, as they will deal with any scampering and flying critters for you. You might also give them a call ahead of time, as with professional advice, you will learn of other ways to protect your home from an invasion of bugs and beasties.

I hope this advice helped, but let me know your thoughts. Let me know too if you have any other advice for my readers.

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  1. Your ideas make sense, Ula. One thing bugs’ persistence has done is given me an appreciation for…spiders. Yuck, right?

    Still, while I don’t appreciate seeing them in my home, spiders are our allies, however distasteful, in our war with the insects.

    Plus, we’re spoiled, as most of the venomous and/or sizable varieties are at a suitable distance, in the tropics.

  2. Great tips! I absolutely hate spiders (sometimes I’ll come across them in the basement) and when I see them, I just smash them with my fly swatter. Maybe sealing up crevices, etc. would help.

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