Prepping for the Theatre

Most of us stick to the same old routine, so we know exactly how to present ourselves when it comes to going out. We know that if we’re heading out to a restaurant, we can look up that particular restaurant’s dress code – or we go to the same one so often we already know what’s appropriate to wear or not. If we go to the cinema, we know that we can keep things casual – jeans and a top will do. But what about if you’re going to the theatre? Relatively few of us go to the theatre on a regular enough basis to know exactly what we should be wearing there!

When it comes down to it, prepping for the theatre is actually pretty simple. You can ring and check the theatre you’re heading to if you have any doubts about appropriate attire. But generally speaking, this is a pretty flexible event. Most people will want to dress up a little with a dress or more formal looking trousers, but you don’t have to go over the top and turn up in a ballgown.

This is an event that you should look forward to. So don’t stress yourself out too much about it. Make sure to get there early, as theatres tend to be pretty nice places with lounges that you might want to sit around in and enjoy before the show. It’s also nice to not be rushed to your seat just as the show is about to begin. Take your time and enjoy the whole experience!

If you’re planning on heading to the theatre, but you’re not sure what show you actually want to see yet, don’t worry. The infograpic by Broadway shows below will guide you through a few questions that will help determine the perfect play for you!

Infographic Design By broadway shows

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  1. Good advice, Ula, particularly for those of us who don’t attend theater often enough to be familiar with its…protocols. Although experts might scoff at using a chart to determine which play to see, it’s a great tool for mot of us to identify something we’ll enjoy. Besides, we’re trying to learn more about the experts’ world – they should gracious, flattered, not dismissive. Do I sound a tad defensive?

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