Your Home Is Your Haven, Not Anyone Else’s

On hot days you’ll open the windows in your house so at least some cool winds may breeze through your home. Anything to get rid of stagnant hot air and constant humidity wafting around the rooms. But you know you’re taking a risk of allowing flies, spiders and all manner of insects to come crawling into your home. They too are looking for some kind of cool space to set up their new homes in. Even on normal days when it’s not even that hot, all manners of bugs and animals may be trying to get into your home. When they see an opening, they try to make your home their haven. It’s your home not theirs, so make these changes to prevent that from happening.

Enemy At The Gates

Bugs and insects are not little ninjas, they don’t have some kind of ingenious plan to get inside your home. They just simply crawl through wherever there is a hole and your windows are pretty giant holes. In fact you can see this by just leaving your windows open for a day and by the evening taking a look at how many flies, spiders, ladybirds and ants have found their way in. When you spot such enemies at your gates, you need to do something about it. Spraying bug repellent on your window frames and window sills is a great way to erect a barrier up against such critters. It’s important to spray the inside of the window frames where the hinges are. Spray the outside on the window sill so anything that crawls up will instantly want to get away. You should do this every few days as the rain and sun will wipe away the repellent after a while.

A Moist Zone

The two rooms of the home that attract the most critter attention are the bathroom and the kitchen. They both have something in common, steam. Steam creates moist little pockets around the home which remain lukewarm. This is like valhalla for critters such as cockroaches and even mice. So hire a pest control company to check all the spots where these creatures try to nestle in your home. Whether you have spiders, squirrels, rats, mice, termites or silverfish this kind of service searches for them all around your home. After identifying the insects and pests, they will make a prep sheet to show you what the cause of action will be. Then they’ll carefully remove them without disrupting your home too much and then confirm the results with you.

Checking Outback

Usually pests will try to stay away from a hot zone of activity such as the house. So mice and other pests like squirrels may make hovels in your garden. If you have a garage or shed, that’s where they will go first. So it’s important to check outback in your outdoor structures to see if there are any signs of them.

There’s always a secret underlying battle between human habitation and insects as well as pests. Our homes must not be the homes of other creatures so always keep your guard up and keep your home safe for your family.

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