The story of my first glasses and why I chose Zeelool

For a couple of years, I wasn’t able to see things which were far and I was terrified about the fact of wearing glasses. That’s why I was always avoiding a visit to the eye doctor. One day though, my husband convinced me (he wears glasses since he was a little and cute 🙂 boy ❤) and took me with him for to the optometrist and my life has changed forever… I’ve found out that my husband and I have (almost) the same astigmatism in one eye and the doctor was amazed by that, because he said it happens very rarely that two people have the same one (and are so close to each other 🙂 ). Also (the real reason my life has changed 😀 ), I’ve found out that, of course, I need to wear glasses, not always, but whenever I want to see things far. Wow, let me tell you, the world with glasses on is so much nicer and clearer! 🙂


I was kind of prepared for this diagnose, but when my hubby asked me to choose glasses which I like and want to buy, I started panicking a little bit, because I had no idea which ones will look good for me and I could choose only one pair of those name brand glasses, because they are very expensive.


I always choose shopping online and not at the actual store, because I don’t like the pressure from sales associates (yes, I know it’s their job, I’ve been one 🙂 ). Therefore, it was very hard for me to choose glasses not being able to try them on, but I’ve read some articles about what type of face with what type of glasses goes the best, but truthfully that didn’t help, I was only more confused. Anyway, I chose one and I got them and they were nice. I was a little sad though that I have only one pair to go with everything? That’s impossible, so I didn’t give up and looked for a cheaper option.



When I first showed them to my love, he was a little skeptic since he was always buying the name brand glasses (much more expensive), but I chose a few for myself, since they’re cheaper and made an order. Luckily, all of the glasses that came fit my face perfectly. Of course, I like some glasses more than the others, but still, I wear some mostly at home and some only when I go out.


My hubby after taking a look at all the glasses that I got, he said that he couldn’t be more wrong about the quality and decided that he wants to order two for himself as well and that’s what we did. Plus, we got more pairs for me, as well. We chose this time the glasses with “the beyond UV blue blocker lenses”.


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    1. Thank you so much girl! It was hard at the beginning, but now I’m getting used to it ☺🌷

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve had my own insecurities with wearing glasses. I definitely have changed up the frame styles often trying to decide who I am in them. Thank you for the link for affordable frames.

  2. They sure do look very good on you, i will check out there website, I need a pair of nice and affordable glasses too because mine is getting outdated

    1. I’m sure you’ll find some very nice ones for yourself there ☺👍🌼

  3. This definitely seems like something I need to check out. I am way overdue for a new pair of glasses, and I hate the glasses that the glasses stores usually carry. I want bigger glasses that actually cover my entire eye, rather than the rectangle-shaped ones. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I still remember the episode of Happy Days from Season Three called ‘A Sight for Sore Eyes’ when Fonzie, after driving his motorcycle into a swamp because he couldn’t see the road, decides, very reluctantly at first, to get glasses. Ralph Malph’s father was the whacky optometrist.
    One of my very favourite episodes from my most favourite (ever) TV series.

  5. Both yours and his look great! I just got a new pair for myself, but I’ll definitely check out Zeelool when I’m looking for a change in frames (:

  6. I need some new glasses (I too need them to see far away and usually only wear them while driving or in a store 🙂 ) so I will definitely be checking these out! Thank you for the recommendation. Your new glasses look fantastic!

    1. Thank you so much and we have the same problem then ☺👍🌹

  7. It was the same with me.
    I was afraid of glasses to.
    The idea of being so dependent on the glasses made me terified but it was neccessary, and here I am a girl with glasses.👓😣😣😣

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