Friday’s Five: Magic In Your Home

It’s December! I seriously cannot believe it… I remember last Christmas like it was three days ago: watching Christmas movies with V when Lily was still inside of me and we couldn’t wait for her. But here we are… and now I cannot wait till this Christmas, because I have a feeling that it’s going to be the best one so far for us and it’s all because of our little precious girl :).

Anyway, let’s get to my Friday’s Five from this week 🙂 :

My sweet Lily

1. This Picture And Caption

2. Magic In Your Home

I’ve already written how much I like linen lately :). Magic Linen is another amazing company with pure linen home textiles and linen wear. Besides their bed sheets, towels and some other items, I also got my Lily their linen crib sheet. I must say, it’s really great and way better than cotton or bamboo that goes bad so fast.

All of their products are very great quality so I highly recommend their wonderful online store.

3. The Ornament

Since it will be Lily’s first Christmas, I wanted to get an ornament for her to always remember it :). Of course, now more than ever, it is important to support local stores/shops/businesses. That’s why, I’d like to give a shout out to Alegria Celebrations that created our ornament. You can find there and order unique and personalized celebration decor for yourself :).

4. Classic Wardrobe

Speaking of small businesses, I’d like to introduce you to Raffinalla. If you’re looking for some classic attire with great quality, that should be your go-to place. I highly recommend their cardigans, they are the prettiest and the comfiest! 🙂

5. Which Dress Would You Choose?

I feel like with the whole holiday season I should wear the red one, but at the same time the leopard pattern is pretty too. At the end, I feel like wearing these marble sweats though, lol. Anyway, the outfit is not so important as the mood and people around are :). Don’t you agree?

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