Tips On How To Add Value To Your Home

When you find your dream home, and it becomes clear that there isn’t enough space, it can be difficult deciding what to do. If you decide to renovate rather than move, there are some improvements you can make that will add value to your home.  Research suggests that depending on the extension, it can add anything up to 23% of your property’s value. Deciding to renovate is a good option. So what options do you have to renovate that will add the most value?  So if you have just purchased a new home or have been in your home for years, these tips on what you can do to add value to your home will help you decide on which option to choose.

Upgrade Your Garage

While you may think of your garage as just a place to house your car, it can be a place where you can make it into a laundry room, and a place where you can exercise and make it into a gym. These are two great ways of adding value to your home. This means insulating your garage, putting in additional windows for extra light and adding a door which is easily opened and closed such as the Gliderol door opener. All of these changes will add value to an area that is more than likely underutilised.

Extend Your Kitchen

Kitchen’s are essential in homes. They are no longer places where you just make dinner. They are spaces where the whole family can be to talk, watch TV or eat dinner. Extending the kitchen can add so much value to your home and add valuable space for the whole family. You can extend to add a dining space as well as a seating area. Somewhere for the whole family to congregate.

Expand Your Deck

One of the best ways to increase the value of your property is to add or expand your deck. When you do this you are increasing the square footage of your home. By doing this you are increasing the value of your home. 

Adding a wooden deck is the most popular option and the most cost-effective. However, a wooden deck is more prone to deterioration especially if you live in an area where it is very humid.

If you do live in an area where it is humid you should consider adding a composite decking. Composite decking can give you the look of wood with a lot more resilience.

In addition to enhancing the value of your home, a great-looking deck will also improve your curb appeal. You will also have a great space for your family to sit and relax.

Convert Your Loft Space

If you are unable to extend the next best option is to go up! This means converting your loft space. You can convert it into an additional bedroom, or you can convert it into an office space. Being flexible is a good idea as it allows you to make the best use of the space you have. Adding an additional bathroom or shower room in the loft is also a great way of adding value. If you do decide to go ahead with a loft conversion, then it is important to reach out to a team of roofing experts like Projects 4 Roofing to ensure that your conversion meets the latest building regulations – you can learn more about Projects 4 Roofing by taking a look at some of the resources on their website.

Add A Sunroom Or Conservatory

If you don’t want to go down the building regulations route, you can opt for a conservatory or sunroom if it is smaller than the required planning permissions. This adds additional living space to your home in a way that also extends your garden space. A sunroom or conservatory is great for getting additional light into your home. Although a sunroom may be the better option as conservatories can be too hot in summer and too cold in winter if you don’t have the necessary heating and window coverings in place!

These are just a few options available to you if you wish to add value to your home as well as space. Remember though that you need to be mindful of the planning permissions required within your area. You don’t want to fall foul of building regulations and have to stop work because you don’t have the right permits!

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