5 Ways To Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

Celebrating birthdays during a global pandemic has become inherently difficult. With lockdowns and government restrictions showing no signs of easing, parents are forced to think of new ways to celebrate important milestones for their children without putting themselves or anyone else at risk of getting the coronavirus.

Being in lockdown could also mean being away from your friends and family and unable to visit each other’s homes. But since children’s birthdays already cost a fortune, this would be a great opportunity to prove that you can plan an exciting event without the need for a massive budget or an outdoor space.

Five Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

Here are five ways you can celebrate your child’s birthday without actually throwing a party:

Capture The Memories

Thanks to technology, we can still stay connected with our family and friends who are far away. But you can still include them in your child’s birthday photos. Get them on a video call, make them smile, and simply ‘screenshot’ to capture the moment. Technology has made it possible for us to capture moments in this way on any device – so whether you are video calling them on your phone, tablet, or laptop, simply ask them to say “cheese”!

Don’t forget to preserve the memory by creating a family collage with PosterMyWall’s free family collage poster templates. Make it a memorable event for your child, one they will always want to cherish. A family collage is a perfect way to remind them how they had a great birthday despite the ongoing situation. You can place it on their bedside table or the family room as a reminder of what a fun day it was.

Skype Or Zoom With Your Friends And Family

Video chatting with family members and friends who can’t be there in person is a good way to help everyone feel a little more connected. While it’s not the same as having them around in person, your child will be happy just knowing that there is still a way for everyone to be involved in the celebration – and video calls certainly beat voice calls.

Have A Backyard Adventure

Being outdoors during this time is something we all miss dearly. If your home has an outdoor space or backyard, you can plan a little backyard birthday adventure for your kid. Children are very imaginative and will have a good time with whatever they’re given and know how to have their fun without any parental input.

Your child is bound to enjoy camping in the backyard with the family, telling scary stories and looking for patterns in the stars, and enjoying yummy homemade snacks. Adventure isn’t just about hardcore activities; sometimes, it’s about enjoying the joy of simply being outside.

DIY Everything

Children are incredibly crafty and take on DIY projects like champs. You can host a series of themed activities like DIY masks or outfits and allow your child to channel their creative side. To step it up a notch, make it a family competition. Best craft gets a special treat, like a cookie or special television privileges like control over the remote for a day.

Transform Your Home With A Theme

Just because you’re confined to your homes due to government restrictions doesn’t mean you can’t transform your home into a different place by decorating it. Use whatever decorations you have in your home and everyday household items to transform the space completely.

You can let the children make forts in the living room with cushions, mattresses, and sheets and make crowns out of paper to have a medieval-themed celebration. Or you can blow up that inflatable pool that’s been collecting dust in your storage closet and fill it with water and beach toys and have a beach-themed birthday. The key is to use your imagination, and your child is guaranteed to play along.

In Conclusion

While celebrating birthdays during a pandemic is not ideal, it reminds us to appreciate the little things in life. It shows us that we can make memories from wherever we are – courtesy of technology and a little imagination.

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