Growing hair healthy and naturally

I wish I could show you my picture when I was a little girl with blonde, curly hair, which you couldn’t notice if I had sunshine behind me 😁.

I always had thin hair. Sometimes I was “blaming” my dad for it, because he has the same (very thin, but grey hair 😊). He also has this saying “on a smart head, hair doesn’t grow”, I don’t know if there’s some truth to it or if he was just saying this to make me and him feel better 😊.

Anyway, I was struggling with my hair my whole life. I took so many pills to help my hair get stronger, I won’t even mention shampoos, conditioners and all kind of masks. I was also using coconut oil and some other oils on my hair, but I didn’t see any huge difference and also since I’ve colored my hair, I cannot use coconut oil, because it takes the color away.

When the stress comes into my life, I notice also that I lose a lot of hair, which is even scarier.

I started (again!) to search something, because I knew there has to be something. I’m not the only one with such problem, right?

The Best Products for Your Hair and Skin

After searching the Internet (Pinterest to be exact) I’ve found out about this oil – Grow New Hair (or you can find it here on Amazon) treatment and I looked at many reviews. I read that it has helped many women. Also, I got to the one review where one person said that her dog lost hair in one place and after using this oil, the hair has started growing back. I thought if the dog was bold and now it has hair, that it must work for me as well! Seriously, that convinced me the most!

So I purchased Grow New Hair treatment (the oil), wasn’t too cheap, but when I started calculating how much money I’ve spent so far on my hair plus got this hope that maybe this time it will work, I bought it, no matter what’s the price, because it works for the dog with its bold spot, remember? 😊

I didn’t know how often I should use it, but I thought it’ll be the best for me to use it at weekends, overnight. That’s how I did it, I put the oil in the evening on Saturday, went to sleep and I washed my hair on Sunday. I remember exactly, because when I was washing my hair, they felt thicker, but I thought: “no, no, it’s too good to be true, let’s wait for the second or third time”. Then later on during the day, my boyfriend touched my head and he said: “you have more hair”, I said with the excitement: “really?!” 😊 I explained to him that I just used this oil I purchased, but then I said: “let’s just wait till next time, because maybe it’s only our illusion” 😊.

During the week, I was washing my hair normally and they really felt nicer.

Grow New Hair  Faster

The weekend came, so I did the same thing, put something on top of my pillow and went to sleep with the oil on my head 😊.
On Sunday while I was washing my hair, I said to myself “oh my, maybe it really is that great!” This time I ran to my boyfriend so he could touch my hair and I asked him what he had thought this time and he said: “yeah, they really feel thicker” 😊.
I started dancing – yep, that’s what I do when I’m very happy 😊. And here I was very excited, because, as I said before, I was struggling with my hair my whole life and also I started being curious what’s gonna happen after a month or two using this oil 😊. Also I imagined having thick hair one day… 😊.

So here I am two months later and I won’t say anything, just take a look at this picture:

Can you see this short hair?! I’ve never had hair in this place, maybe that’s why I had such a huge forehead 😀.
That’s not the only place I have such cute, short hair, I’m laughing that it’s like being a baby with new hair 😀. Sometimes it looks funny when I comb my hair nicely and I notice here or there comes out a couple of “shorties” (short hair), hahaha, but to be honest, I don’t care how it looks, because I’m very happy that I’ve finally found something that works!!! And finally, my hair got thicker, grows more and much quicker, it’s safe with my colored hair and it’s all natural ingredients – so everything what I love!
If it was bad for your health, trust me, I wouldn’t write about this on my blog.

I wrote an email to this company – Just Nutritive and asked about the collaboration and they were so nice that they sent me the whole kit Grow New Hair (in the picture above)! 😊 So now I’m even using the shampoo and conditioner as well and they’re both work great. These products (including the oil) smell a little herby, but it doesn’t bother me at all, because I’m very satisfied with the results! 😃

Also, they were so nice that they gave for all my followers 10% off for the entire order with the code: ula2017 till the end of April – how awesome is that?! 😊 Let me just tell you that when I purchased this Grow New Hair oil I didn’t have any discount, so I’m glad I can give you a discount 😊. You can also get it here on Amazon, but without the discount.

That is my 101% honest opinion (it’s not a paid sponsorship) about these products and please if you know someone or you are this someone who struggles with hair like I did, tell them about these products.

Let’s help each other! 😊

Also, they have lots of other healthy and natural products, you can take a look at:

Make your hair and skin the best that it can be!

What’s more, I’m trying it now on my boyfriend’s ❤ hair so stay tuned, I’ll update this post with his before and after picture! 😊 Let me tell you that we already feel the difference! 😊

P.S. I’m not watching TV, but I used to see those commercials with pretty girls with bouncy and big hair. You buy one shampoo, then another, then 3 conditioners, oh now you see this great mask and you buy one after the other and they’re all with those chemicals and full of  baloney. I’m not judging, because I was this person plus I was going to the pharmacy and ask people what would really work for thin hair and try this, that and those and yes, maybe if I took it constantly whole my life, my hair would get better, but all those chemicals that you put into your body – not a good idea. Let’s not kill ourselves from the inside.

100% Natural Made in USA

For all those who celebrate I want to say:

Have a blessed Easter!!! 🐣☺🐑

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104 thoughts on “Growing hair healthy and naturally

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your cancer 😔. I hope you’ll stay healthy! Yen, they grow much quicker with these products than usual. You can also try to mix pumpkin oil with a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil too – it might help as well to grow hair quicker.


  1. Thank you so much Ula and I’m happy you found a natural shampoo and oil that can help you. I was waiting for something better to purchase for a shampoo and conditioner and I’m happy you shared your result. My hair is tick but I have a hard time make it shine and look healthy. I will definitely purchase for my hair type and let others know their is a natural shampoo to grow hair. 😉 xxxooo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was taking some pills with zinc included and it didn’t give me the results I wanted unfortunately. Also, be careful with it, because it might mass up a little your hormones. Zinc can make you angry due to lots of testatastrone.

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  2. Nice informative post. In India people use a lot of oil and I believe that a natural way of keeping hair strong and healthy. Down south, in the state of Kerala people have real thick hair and long. I come from the same region…. the practice here is using less of shampoo or conditioner, which are not 100% natural. People from these states apply oil ( in specific only coconut oil, locally available) an hour before taking shower. But do not wash it off, I mean no shampoo or conditioner is used. I too practice now but used to shampoo once a while. This reduces the hair fall. Now that I am in my mid 30’s, I have experienced hair fall. So decided to oil the hair often and its really helping me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment ☺. I’ve been using coconut oil, but now since I’ve colored my hair I cannot, because the color fades away, slowly. Also, that’s why I’m using this shampoo and conditioner which is natural and has a lot of oils and herbs as ingredients ☺.

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  3. Seems that great minds think alike. I too have been on a hair journey. When I was a young woman in my teens, 20s, 30s and early 40s my hair was extremely dense and thick. Then menopause started and I noticed that my hair was not as thick. Not much one can do about hormones however I intend to win the battle using Natural holistic products. By the time I was Fifty-two 90% of my hair had turned gray which does not look good on me so I started using L’Oreal Feria then I switched to Vegan hair color Manic Panic by Tisch & Snooky. Since I began using the essential oils maybe 2013/2014 I have noticed healthier hair and more thickness. I will try your product suggestion also. Here is my Crowning Glory story:
    Happy Easter!! ❤

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  4. Hi, you are beautiful…
    I make a shampoo to use in my barber and my wife used I her hair and likely…
    I put in a 300ml of shampoo without salt 25ml of bepantol liquid and 3ml of Monovin-A (vitamin A).
    Use 3x in the week.


  5. Impressive effect. I wonder whether that oil would work for guys – it looks like it not only nourishes the hair, but also catalyzes growth? If that’s the fact, than some men would rub litres of it into their scalps throughout the day. But my girlfriend likes my rather thin and not-so-dense hair as it is, fortunatelly (or that’s what she says, diplomatically).

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  6. Good post! I’m recently trying to grow my hair longer and make it thicker and I’m still deciding what products to try. I’ve heard that onion/garlic juice is very good, if you’re willing to give that a go, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Interesting, i have thin hair too and after fighting hard with it, i finally calmed and started loving it one day at a time using natural products to support. It was really nice reading your journey. Ula, thanks for checking out my blog and taking interest..xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you for sharing this as I have had some difficulty with my hair as well, which I would like to share with you. When I was younger I dyed my hair a few times, but the last time I ended up in the hospital as my head swelled up, in fact my kids called me oompa loompa(movie”Charlie and the chocolate factory). Found out that I am allergic to coconut(coconut in perm kits. Then after being hit by a car in 2013, I went through many injections trying to get the pain under control and losing some hair and still don’t like the thinning. I am using pantene repair to see if this helps and it has a little. Maybe its hope as I would love to have the beautiful hair that I once had.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi ☺,
      That’s what they say about those products: “This lightweight treatment will assist to thicken, strengthen, and help grow hair to healthy proportions within the first month of use.”
      If I were you, if you want to concentrate only on growing your hair, choose the products (the kit) I write about, but if you don’t have any big issues with hair growth choose the kit for your type of hair, because they also help with growing new hair ☺.
      Let me know what you decide and ask if you have any further questions, I’m happy to help! ☺🌼
      I’m sure though you won’t regret buying their products ☺.


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